Education reform has been reduced to a sham.  Ideas that were once spouted, along the lines equivalent to…. Donald Sterling is not a racist…. are now laughed at…  We have new evidence and the old pat phrases don’t work on us anymore.

So how do you know when Jack Markell, the Chamber of Commerce, Chief of Change Mark Murphy, Bill Gates, Arne Duncun is lying through their teeth, to you about Common Core?

They use one of these stock phrases…. First belittling the opponents….

  • Mocking the Tea Party for being against Common Core…. check
  • Mocking *Unionized* teachers who are afraid to be measured by real results and are lefties because of it…. check
  • Conspiracy theorists who think Pearson is undermining our entire educational system with shoddy workmanship.,,, check
  • Conservatives who think the black Obama is rolling out Common Core to eliminate religion….. check.
  • It boils down to if you aren’t in favor of Common Core, you are either a union shill or a weirded-out crazy…. check

Next they frame the contest as one of crises…..

  • It is all about politics; not about the meat of Common Core itself….  check.
  • It is like the ACA, (a good program with bad press due to selfish people against it.)….. check.
  • It is too young to be killed, its a little baby; it is only in it’s planning stages still…. check…
  • The obligatory mention of their visit in a classroom… once…..  check…
  • Nominal admission that waves of tests won’t fix things, but…..  check.
  • Short feel-good statement of a long string of assumptions….  check….
  • This statement:  “But introducing a set of national standards is a first step toward widespread accountability, toward the clearly worthy goal of having a teacher in Alaska teach more or less the same thing as a teacher in Alabama.”  it’s in every op-ed piece…. check.
  • International panic ….. Chinese. Chinese. Chinese….. .check…..

Call for accountability…..

  • For teachers… but have no plan.
  • For principals…. but have no plan.
  • For school Districts…. but have no plan.
  • For students…. but have no plan.

Call for independence, for more lack of oversight, for more of no accountability, and above all, unlimited freedom to do what ever they want with your educational dollars.

  • Need for nothing impinging upon the governor…. check
  • Need for nothing impinging upon the Chiefs of Change…. check
  • Unlimited freedom to execute Rodel’s policies…. check
  • No accountability for Gate’s dollars, or tax dollars thrown at private consultants…. check
  • No accountability for Achieve, AIR, Pearson, Smart Balanced Assessments, College Board, all which need confidentiality agreements in order to carry out their mission… … check
  • No accountability for Charter Schools…. check

Feel good examples of things they have seen showing we are on the right track….

  • We honored a teacher of the year…. (golf clap)
  • We had Arne Duncun come to our state…. (golf clap)
  • We had art put on the walls of Gauger….. (golf clap)
  • We had one class of one school make robots…..(golf clap)
  • Two years ago our test scores rose a lot (omit last year when the went down in every Common Core pilot course)… (golf clap)
  • We need to spend 3 weeks studying Martin Luther King’s Letter From A Birmingham Jail ( to black audiences) (golf clap)
  • We need to spend 3 days studying Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address  (to white audiences.)  (golf clap)
  • We need more Mandarin immersion classes (to audiences of high Asian percentages.)  (golf clap)

Then the call to arms; the demand to stare down the enemies; out fight them, out last them.  Hold the line….

  • Rigor….
  • Rigor….
  • Rigor….
  • Rigor….
  • Patronize poor children… “If the kids in Wilmington just had a little more “rigor”  they’d learn their place of just how poor and stupid they really are.”
  • Rigor….
  • Rigor….
  • Rigor….
  • We really need to kick some brown ass…
  • Rigor….
  • Rigor…
  • Rigor…

And then their staffers whisper in their ear and they say they are late for an engagement and that the question and answer session will get shucked… Then, they thank you for your time and get whisked out the door and down the hall….

When you become victim to all of the above, without fact checking…. you can now know you were brazenly lied too….


“But wait” you shout as I’m packing up and leaving too.. You say…“How will we know when someone is telling us the truth?”

Sigh…  … (guess I’ll be late….)

  • “They will tell you it can be fixed, rather easily, and will take a commitment which is not far from where we are today.  It will require an 11:1 student teacher ratio in all k-5 classrooms in schools with over 50% low income students.   Each teacher is accountable for moving her 11 children from one grade to the next. “
  • “They will tell you we need to tax the top 1% more to pay for it.  It is an investment that spends a little now, and saves bundles later on.”
  • They will tell you that the tests should be used for learning about the students and their weaknesses and not be used for firing teachers… It is immoral to fire a teacher because they have more low income people in their classrooms; which is all high stakes testing tells you.
  • And they will tell you that Charter Schools, if they are to ever be allowed since they cause more hurt than good, need to be independently funded by means other than stealing money away from the public school district in which they land.

“That is it.  There is a lot of stuff tied up in those 4 brief statements, but moving in that direction will move us forward. We have learned a lot about education in part from the fiasco that is Common Core.  We now know  through science that the brain learns best from someone with whom it has a positive emotional bond, who explains things to him or her….”

“I’ve really got to go now…”

“But wait… what about David Coleman’s curriculum?  What do we do with all that,?”

“I sincerely hope we haven’t yet thrown all the old previous curriculums out….. ”