Here is the blog post, and here is the comment still (apparently awaiting moderation on site)… lol.

I am glad this attempt was made to try and defend Common Core because it opens a rare door into the exterior of Common Core’s proprietary wall, and lets us see through that rare opening, the internal framework supporting Common Core.

In other words the only people who get the opportunity to see common core up close, are teachers and parents.  Everyone less is blinded by the corporate wall of secrecy with which Common Core is protected….

But we can now show you something of what goes on inside….  WARNING!!!!! (It will not be pretty).

As a start, it should be publicly acknowledged that this one teacher being solicited in support of Common Core, is of the following, according to the DelExcel website….  From it we can infer. that

  • a) this teacher has no children yet of her own in school.
  • b) this teacher is very young, and not classically trained.
  • c) this teacher has in her class, only the best students Delaware can offer.  all white and wealthy.
  • d) this teacher in is a gasp….  charter school. So is not bound by the imposed dictums piped down from above as are those whose voices are more readily warning us of the graver dangers a full blown Common Core will manifest.

A wise colonel in the American Army onces said, “after age 19, men stopped being good soldiers. They begin to think for themselves.”  Point being that if you take someone very young, pump them up, and send them out, they will have no other way than your way to consider, and will therefore perform better doing what YOU want, than those who might consider other options than the one You tell them….

For example our current Secretary of Education is a classic example of this.  (So were the elitist brigade of Chinese soldiers recruited and secluded leading up to the massacre in Tiananmen Square.)

This teachers post, is something like this:  The hype behind Common Core is over stated.  I teach Common Core and the kids are alright….

Kids are resilient.

We know from history that if one takes children and puts them to work in factories, the kids are alright too.  Civilization continues. The question is whether that is the direction we want to go?  Do we as a civilization want to go backwards to pre 19th Century values, or do we wish to build upon the progress of the 20th Century and continue forward?

Common Core is about filling boxes.  If the kid is to fat shove him in harder… Apply more rigor….

One of the most amazing things I have seen in studying this movement or attempt of a movement is how the divisions upon Common Core funnel into two camps of people, often exactly the same in every other regard, just differing on their vision of humanity….   To some, dehumanization, or destruction of an individual’s individuality, is a trait to be desired. To those in the opposite camp, this is abhorred.  Instead, allowing individuals to be individual,  to meander, matriculate, and grow organically through life’s experiences, is the path to be desired…  Or expressed in a silly old fashioned way:  to find their own happiness.  To this group, one simply lays out the tools, knowing full well that individuals can do more with tools than they can without them….

That is why executive types, all line up behind Common Core.  CEO’s. Governor Markell. President Obama. Governor Christie. Delaware Department of the Chamber of Commerce.  Bill Gates. Eli Broad. Bank of America, The Walmart Foundation. Exxon-Mobile… (btw, does anyone else boycott their gas stations), and yes Hitler; yes, even Hitler who is alleged to have sent Arne Duncun a message from the beyond, wishing Common Core had been in effect in Britain and Russia during the 30’s; he would have won.

That is also why people who love children, … all line up against Common Core.  Students, Parents, Teachers, Grandparents, education professors.  Along with them are those who love America because of it’s record on individualism;  Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Clergy, grass-root Politicians, the US Army.   These just want children to “be what they can be.”

Against this polarization, you have the sycophants, the think tanks, and all those beholden to wealth pee’d down from the above.  If your mother’s milk comes from Eli Broad, you will sing the same song he does.  So basically one can sort out the Common Core controversy as a battle between these two sharks, with two sets of remora attached….

One of those remora wrote a Blogpost on DelExcel.

First, to address the Common Core hype, they don’t address the real hype.  That Common Core hurts children.  Instead they address a remark made in jest, that Common Core was more dangerous than Zombies… (totally missing the point that since Zombies do not really exist, and Common Core does, that any negative impact whatsoever, even the slightest would make Common Core worse for kids than zombies… / Obviously this person is not yet teaching Common Core, or they would have paid closer attention to the text…  And to back that up, they address a remark made by Phyllis Schafly, who most of us consider a little off base anyways….

What we as readers trying to make out what is best for our own children have to really discern, is why, why, why a group whose sole purpose according to Jack Markell, Governor of Delaware, is to promote the benefits of Common Core, can find nothing else across the vast reach of the internet, other than one remark made in jest, and one made by someone who profits off of extremism who incidentally  happens to be a grandparent too?  That is telling in itself….

And so we as the populace are left with the vision of seeing a whole auditorium of parents at a meeting with John King, previous head of NY schools, up on their feet, cheering wildly at a comment stating that Common Core is Child Abuse,  and against that, the defenders of Common Core can only joke at the only two extremists they can find?….

The timing of this is such that I am so reminded of the very recent YouTube episode of Last Week Tonight where, instead of having a civil conversation on global warming versus deniers and scientists, they pack the stage with 2 deniers and 98 scientists, representative of the scientific community at large… It is that way with Common Core.  Anyone arguing in favor of Common Core, is ignoring 98% of the evidence showing how damaging it really is….

The internet is a wonderful thing.

Here are what this teacher’s students think of Common Core….  No doubt after publishing this it will soon be taken over by minions in the DOE, Charter Schools, and Rodel in order to provide balance. (The first 30 were there at this posting.)   But here is what the students who have undergone Common Core think about what they have just been through…  In truth, it brings a tear to my eye that these students are such great judges of reality. They are smarter than we were, and it is not because of Common Core. Probably more due to YouTube and social websites.


As one reads through all of these, and like a train wreak, once started it is hard to turn away, one senses they feel sorry for this teacher having to teach Common Core.  They like her has an individual, or as they say, as a person, but her student evaluations are very negative, and it is all because of Common Core….. The negatives all come from what she has to do to them, in order to implement Common Core…

As you read through these, I would like you to assume you have a child in this class and ask yourselves these questions….

A)  Is this the kind of work environment I want my child to someday matriculate into?

B)  Is this growing my child’s appreciation, love, and wonder of the intricacies of the English language and literature?

C)  Is my child having as much fun or more than I did, while still young?

D)  Is this really helping my child grow and learn, and how will she view the education for her children, as necessary, or a waste of time?


That is why I am glad Rodel in their feeble attempt, shoveled this piece for public consumption…  You get the real feel of Common Core  and you are much better to judge the future implications and detriment if this course is allowed to continue and go unchecked…


Hopefully we won’t get fooled again…..