“A student sits poised with her bow string at a practiced angle to her violin, her eyes following both the written notation in front of her and the conductor’s direction, aware of both her own music and the sounds coming from fellow students’ instruments.

New research suggests that the complexity involved in practicing and performing music may help students’ cognitive development”

Learning to play music, unlike any other activity, creates the growth of massive neural pathways in the brain.  Old schoolers know this. The new self-crowned educationalists whose college consisted of learning the avoidance of dodgeballs,  are completely unaware.

They unfortunately are the ones behind Common Core….

So, getting rid of Common Core, will keep the brain-ways of your child intact, and allow for more growth.  I’m sure a study is already in the works, that will show how “rigor”, causes the strengthening of what few neural pathways already exist, at the expense of growing new ones.

Common Core has just become very dangerous for your child if it is followed through….  Delaware by trying to be first to get to the top, is damaging your children far more than other states further behind on the curve. We have lost one class year (2012-2013) so far. Get concerned. Get knowledgeable. Get involved..