Markell is taking flack for this statement already.  it’s barely noon.

“When you go into the classroom, you see that this is something our teachers support and our students are excited about, and you get to see why.”

How could something so completely wrong, be supported by classroom experience?

“Hello, Teacher.. SOandSO… This is Delaware’s Governor, Jack Markell, the man in charge of the state, including your boss, the Secretary of Education, Mark Murphy, as well as the head of the Delaware State Police. Can he ask a few questions.”

Thank you, I’m Governor Jack Markell, head of the Delaware State Police and YOUR boss, Mark Murphy, as well as all those in line over your head who are responsible to him….  I am also the person responsible for instituting Common Core into your schools.  I’m here to find how well you appreciate all the work I’ve put into this.. Oh sorry, (smiles) Excuse me just one second…. Aide, can you get me Secretary Mark Murphy on the line for me, put him on hold so I can get to him when I’m done here… Then get the Police commissioner.  I’m going to need some information out of the personal files…..”

“Yes, where was I?  Oh right… Common Core.   How do you like Common Core?”

“I like it.”

‘Good, is there anything I can do to improve on it?”

No, it’s just great… just the way it is..

“Students, do you like  Common Core?”

Yes, Sir, Mr. Jack.

“Very well then… Common Core is obviously a success…”


But what do teachers really say when their boss is not breathing down their neck?

They say this:

“I am sick to my stomach over this APPR plan…. I just received my score, and I am two points away from being “effective” as a teacher. I scored 58/60 (97%) on my instructional practices which IS effective. I scored effective on my local measurement, and I scored developing on my state measurement which was the ELA 7th grade exam. “My students, as well as many others, tanked on the exam, so because of that, I am now a teacher who has to have an improvement plan. What should my plan include? More test prep? Teaching kids how to bubble in circles?

“This whole plan is absurd. I know I make a difference in children’s lives. This testing obsession is ruining education, our children, and our teachers. I come in early, leave late, work at home, volunteer for a million things, and yet am now deemed developing by some politically driven evaluation plan.”

Or How about the TELL survey?  Those teacher’s phone calls made last Feb-March-April?

Under 57 percent feel they are “allowed to focus on education students with minimal distraction.” –  Which means 43% DISAPPROVE.

40 percent of respondents said they were never observed by their mentor in the classroom –

47 percent of teachers believe that their allotted non-instructional time provided was sufficient – They specifically indicated not enough was done to minimize Common Core paperwork.

52 percent said they had never been to their mentor’s class to observe. –

In the area of professional development, 68 percent say sufficient resources are available, but only 44 percent believe those resources are tailored to individual teachers and just 42 percent feel the results are being communicated to teachers. –

Therefore for the News Journal to simply let pass this statement without a challenge: that teachers and students are supportive of Common Core (a known falsehood because they have the survey results too), is no different then acknowledging acquiescence by not challenging something like a Caesar Rodneys‘s assertion that: “Man-made Global Warming flat out does not exist”…

We all know better.