We have been hearing a little stirring in the Wilmington Charter School movement lately.  In case you haven’t heard, the downtown iconic Bank of America building is going to become the new Wilmington School District.  This would be great for those in Wilmington to finally have a school that was not an hour away, more if that parent lacks a car….

The catch.  Is that it will not be a public school  It will be charter..  How do inner city charters fare?  Not good.  Pencader which took heavily from inner city, Moyer which takes heavily from the inner city, and REACH which takes heavily from the inner city, are either closed, closing, or about to be closed….

Only those charter schools that forbid poverty and minorities, Ie Wilmington Charter and Newark Charter,  have even a passable charter school track record…  They barely pass.

On the other hand, in Delaware it was was proven last spring, and now it is proven in Indiana, … growth in public schools far out-paces that in public schools….  One does not have to be an Einstein to appreciate why…

In both public and charter schools the money follows the child, or student.   In public schools all that money goes towards a child’s education.,.. In private schools, one third of that money zips right into the investor’s pockets right off the top.  The remaining two thirds is then spent on the child…   Is it any wonder that privatized education is so bad?

One would of course expect this in Delaware.  Our school systems have been competently run for years, and where our charter schools are being primarily run by minions of the Republican Party.  That same party that has reduced its voter share from over 50% down to now 17%, ever since it has had to defend itself against the truth of blogging … (lol).  (True that.  Before what ever it uttered was parroted unquestioningly in the state’s one paper.)  So when all that is known, if there ever was a state where Public school scores would THUMP those of privately held charter schools,  IT WOULD BE DELAWARE!

But … Indiana is practically the home of the Charter School Movement.  It’s former head of its Department of Education aggressively pushed for the characterization of the whole state.  He was voted out in 2012, btw.  That former commissioner, suddenly relocated to Florida, and as suddenly quit, when it was revealed the ratings for charter schools in Indiana were faked to make them look better, and those of public schools were held to more stringent standards to make them look worse,  all in order to obfuscate the damage charter schools were doing to human brains.

Indiana’s former governor was the darling of the privatization movement, selling off the Indiana Turnpike to the highest bidders.. (How is that going btw.)…  So if there was any place in the world, where all the support and sturcture charter schools would need in order to be successful could be found, it was in Indiana… If there was any place in the world where charter schools could work. it was Indiana…

And now, in Indiana… we see public schools outperforming  those of charter….

You can download 2012-13 growth scores for all the schools in the state from the Indiana Department of Education website. Sort and rank them, and what do they show?

As anyone who has ever done this knows, scores for public, private, and  charter schools are over the map… With any group, one can pull out an example, extrapolate generalizations from it, and attempt to prove his case, whatever it may be…  Which is why in order to test the validity of system against system, the appropriate method is to take the total samples and determined exactly how the total delineations stake up to each other….

That was done in Delaware… And it has now been done in Indiana!.   One was anti-charter; one is pro-charter!  Both have exactly the same results…  Further research in other states will be required to prove the principle and to find the percentage anomalies can be expected to occur…  But in two analyses approaching in two opposite direction,  both point that public schools are better than charter in those two states.

An ominous warning for those attempting to put charter schools in downtown Wilmington as we speak…..  What happens to charter Schools in Wilmington must hang over every investors head….

Pencader, Moyer, and REACH…

The best interests to all involved would be for the state public educational system to take over the instillation and implementation of  Wilmington’s school district, and accept the gift from the Longwood Foundation of its Bank of America building,

That, and only that, would benefit the children of Wilmington City Proper…  Putting their children’s fate into the  exact same hands of those who totally annihilated, destroyed, and imploded the Delaware Republican Party,  would prove very harmful indeed to anyone ever entrusted in their care.  Delaware has never seen a more incompetent group of human beings and now they want to teach our children.

When they want your money, say no.