• Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • State-Led vrs. Federal Control
  • Cost To Taxpayers
  • Data Mining and Affective Testing

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The Common Core standards are lower than those existing in 48 of the 50 states. Only Indiana and California improve standards by joining  Common Core. Delaware experienced backsliding, and will show a drastic faked crises when its SBAC tests results appear this summer.

The standards were compiled by 4 people and are copyrighted by two private organizations.   As all 45 states begin testing on common core someone is going to make a lot of money.


Do standards improve student learning?

  • 9 out of the lowest 10 performers on the OCED comparison, all use a centralized top down system of mandating standards.
  • 8 out of the top 10 performers on the OCED comparison, all use a centralized top down system of mandating standards.

Standards make no difference in student learning.

Furthermore, none except one of the methods in Common Core have ever been tested.  In fact, when presented  for educational certification, even those educational experts hand-picked as friendly to corporate interests, refused to approve it.  All are on record as being entirely unconvinced over Common Core’s merits and are in fact, fearful of the damage it may cause.  The one tested concept which was for teaching geometry,  was performed as a test on a segment of brilliant Russian students and it failed miserably.

Every Delaware class that was piloted on a test program run by Common Core, performed worse than their past year’s results according to DOE officials.  The pilot programs did not work and were the leading cause for why Delaware’s 2013 scores did not show the promise expected after those of 2012. (Delaware score averages dropped 2013).

State led vrs. Federal Control:

This is the argument  Common Core proponents try to drive.  They use it to make fun of Tea Party types, and uses their national low-held esteem to deride all opponents of Common Core.  However, from a legal perspective the distinction indeed has a valid point.  For in its original inception, the Federal Department of Education was forbidden in the Federal Code to directly interfere with educational curricula.

So they delegated it.

Two non-profits with governmental names, were created with Gates Foundation’s money.  One has the word “Governor” in it; the other has the words “School Officers”. That is their only  connection to states and to education.

States had to accept Common Core or forgo Federal Funding.  The states were required to sign on, even before Common Core was developed.  States were mandated upon acceptance of these funds 1) to mine student data, 2) to align teacher education to common core,  3) to build a broadband computer system for computer testing to occur, and 4) to teach the standards exactly as they arrive….

Instead of the Fed’s killing off all state run development of curricula, they hired corporate mafia to do it for them. Price : half a billion dollars.

Cost To Taxpayers

Because of corporate secrecy, the true cost lies somewhere between $3 billion and $16 billion depending whether the price quoter is a proponent or an antagonist for Common Core. Those were the highest and lowest estimates I could find.

All Common Core tests are computerized.  Therefore they require broadband, tech support, new equipment: switches, servers, and terminals.  They require a paid-for curricula packet for each student. They require professional grading.

Of course this cost is above and beyond the normal educational costs required just to keep schools open.

Data Mining and Affective Testing

The creepy part.  All Common Core states must create a profile of each student from the cradle to the grave.  Part of Common Core’s requirements allows them to sell this data to cover some of the costs Common Core entails.  Some states have opted out, but nine states remain still in.

This includes detailed psychological testing; exactly the same kind the CIA performs at Guantanamo to determine who is and who isn’t a terrorist.  Psychological testing is psychological testing and children have no filters; they tell everything. This same testing is so private, clinical psychologists are not allowed to give out similar results except to a child’s trusted guardian or if required under court order.  Data so private, they often choose fight the court order because disclosure will psychologically damage the child.

Under Common Core, it is now up for sale.  If the pursuit of  Common Core didn’t make sense to most of you up to now, this is the gold mine explaining why, private concerns, have footed hundred’s of millions of dollars to muscle it into law.  They paid for the research.  They paid for the results.  They paid for the political bribes. They paid for the cheer-leaders. They paid for Dave Sokola.  They paid for Rodel.  They paid for Hefferman.  They paid for Sweeney.

Against all this wealth, what you can do?

Opt out.  You have that Constitutional right.  if your child does not take the test, their data is not mined.