“The Delaware Department of Education says no.  The United States Department of Education Says no. Common Core is the opposite of allowing parents to have any control over their children’s education.. In fact, the Chief of Change emphatically state that their organization is taxed with the responsibility of assisting in the removal of parents from the educational process of their children..

Delaware’s Mark Murphy has recently been made a Chief of Change.  Their mission:

Chiefs for Change is committed to putting children first through bold, visionary education reform that will increase student achievement and prepare students for success in college and careers

Bold visionary education reform”.. Does that sound like parent involvement to you?  No?  The words “bold”, “visionary”, and “reform”, are all corporate mantras.  If you work in a corporate environment like BOA, they are second nature to you, and often inspire ridicule whenever out of the bosses hearing range,  because they are so oft overused.

Below are their guiding principles:

Recruit, Reward and Retain Excellent Teachers and Leaders
Reward Excellence
Replace Failure with Success
High Academic Standards
Transparent and Rigorous Accountability
Viable Options for All Students

Does anything remotely sound like it involve parents to you?  Or does it sound like it is completely designed by Colonel Klink at Stalag 13?  Parents have been opted out of the process.

In the formation of Common Core. There was no parent involvement.  In Delaware’s installation of Common Core, there was no parent involvement.  In the secret chamber of charter group task force, declared illegal by the state’s attorney general, there was no parent involvement.  In the hearings of SB 51, there was no parent involvement. In the hearings of HB 165, there was no parent involvement. In fact the number of legislators in Delaware’s General Assembly who actually care about parents being involved with their children’s education, can be counted on one hand….  They deserve honor and praise.  John Kowalko, Paul Baumbach, Charles Potter, and Edward Osienski…

Darryl Scott voted against giving parents the right to decide their children’s education.  David Sokola voted against giving parents the right to decide their children’s education….  The one sidedness of Delaware’s legislature simply shows the extent to which it has been bought out by special interest.  Particularly those who make money selling contracts to the State of Delaware for your tax dollars… Those contractors mean a hell of alot more to Pete Schwartzkoph, than you, a parent, trying to do best for your child…

In fact the National Department of Education has sent legal advisors to each state to advise how to co-opt parents from the educational process.   Their advice was to move quickly, use funding as a foil, to limit public discussion, control the argument and shut off dissent, and interfere when legislators talk to constituents so they do not hear a clear message from parents…

Delaware was easy for them. We rolled over like a professional hoe.   But other states, with more of a libertarian bent, are not taking it so lightly.  It is finally as we compare notes from state to state, that us parents are realizing how we were so quickly co-opted here in Delaware.  The News Journal bears a big brunt of the failure.

In other state’s legislatures bills are brought up in tune with their constituents’ needs, outlawing the use of national standards…

This bill modifies the powers and duties of the State Board of Education related to the development and adoption of core curriculum standards. Essentually it directs the State Board of Education to take into consideration the comments and recommendations of a standards review committee in revising core curriculum standards. …

Whicn in lay speak, means the Common Core Standards should be vetted by the public first, before going forward and put in place under the auspices of the Chief’s of  Change.

The Utah Head of Education just sent an email out to all lobbyists telling them to show up at the meeting and do their best to kill that parent friendly piece of legislation… It was bad for business…

The Chief of Change are emphatic that parents have zero place in deciding their children education.. In fact, the head of the Chief of Change, was publicly thumbed out of leading Indiana, and was fired from his Florida position, when it was discovered that he cheated and gave his charter school a grade of A+++ instead of hte C- which it actually incurred.

Darryl Scott supports this organization.  When you support a thief, what does that make you?  Someone who doesn’t care about parents, that’s who.