Massachusetts’ Teacher’s Union just flipped their leadership…. In a surprise victory, their heir-apparent lost for these reasons….

The upstart 57-year-old winner won her race by openly criticizing the current union president, Paul Toner, for his record of negotiating with — rather than fighting — officials on the development of teacher assessments and the Common Core,

She supports a three-year moratorium on standardized testing and teacher assessments and denounces charter schools. Though these initiatives have never been popular with teachers unions, the Massachusetts Teachers Association, under Toner, took a softer line, seeking compromise rather than confrontation….

She argued that teachers had lost ground under Toner because of his view that “power lies in personal access to the political elite.”

Defending himself, Toner took a different view, saying he tried to “build relationships and make sure the union point of view is heard and seen” in the halls of power.  Blah, blah, blah.


Sound familiar to anyone?

For in reality….. if the teacher’s union drew a line in the sand and said: we will not go back to school in August if we have to teach to the Smarter Balanced Assessment….. reality on the ground would be very different…

It IS different with every other teacher’s union save ours… One must wonder what is wrong with ours and why is it being silent and allowing these atrocities to continue???

Maybe they need to do what Massachusetts did?