Did you know that the trials for SBA testing were a bust?  That computers crashed and student data was lost?  Did you know that it was very frustrating for the children to log in, then get” loading”.. forever… finally to log in again, and get “loading” forever? Did you know that hardly any child, I think only those in two classes across the entire state, were able to finish the test?  The rest will retake it later when the bugs are worked through…..

Wha?  You didn’t hear this?  The DOE didn’t make an announcement telling you how badly the rollout was going?  But this is something every DCAS student has done for years, but now is crashing and becoming completely frustrating with the SBA test! Wait a second!  What?  You didn’t hear this?  You meant to tell me that the News Journal hasn’t reported on how the rollout was going?  What? It hasn’t hit any media, any blog, even though its debacle is the 40 -minute  talk of every teacher’s lounge conversation across the state?  What?  You haven’t heard of this?

Now… but…. did you know when Obamacare rolled out, they had trouble with their computers?   Hell, everyone knew.

And now we have 7.1 million newly insured on that exchange, we have increased benefits for all US citizens regardless of their plans, and we have dropped the roles of the uninsured from 20% of all Americans down to 15.2% of them….

It was done in public, it was messy, it got fixed. and we moved on…

Compare that to something so secret, no one knows anything.  Something so secret, everyone has to sign confidentiality agreements before becoming privy to the results, and something so protected, no one outside those who know it is a complete failure, know nothing about…..

On one we have an open governmental process, with pros and cons fighting it out and I think that over time, and I’m pretty sure about this now, we will have a new program like Social Security and Medicare which make us again proud to be Americans….

On the other we have a corporate process that is so top secret, so closely guarded, known only to a handful, and no one else knows it is a complete failure, which can’t even get itself together…..

Don’t let anyone tell you that private business can get things done better than government……   What they are saying, is that private business needs to be selfishly left alone, so it can take your money without accountability…..  Government takes longer, listens to both sides, becomes emotional and messy, but…. in the end, usually gets it right. Far more often than secrecy and confidentiality agreements can attest…….

Time to circumvent the official DOE lines of propaganda, and get reporters butts into the schools to ask “anonymous sources” (confidentiality agreements, remember?) what is really going on…..

The rest of the world might be surprised….

Anyways, at least Obamacare is working well….