Whereas Charter Schools are an excessive luxury to society and not a necessity;

Whereas only 17% of Charter Schools perform better than public schools and 37% perform worse;

Whereas the current Charter funding system causes Charter schools to steal public school funding away from public schools.

Whereas the current Charter funding system takes taxpayers money out of district from where raised and sends to others;

Whereas the influx of Charter Schools have always lowered the quality of education across an overall district,

Whereas Charter Schools draw more resources per student than do public schools,

Whereas most Charter Schools fail in the first 3 years of operation.

Whereas there have been 29 applications for Charter Schools since initiation, yet only 14 remain today.

Whereas almost all Charter Schools perform worse than public schools when income levels are factored in.

Whereas Charter Schools cause deprivation in public schools, many of which would rebound if funding were to return

Whereas Charter Schools have caused the destruction of 5 major urban educational systems.

Whereas Charter Schools only benefit the Realtors of property and its investors, while hurting students,

Whereas Students in Charter Schools are less prepared for college than are students in public schools,

Whereas Charter Schools have been operating for over 20 years, and we still can’t get them to work right,

Whereas the failure of any Charter School damages the educational potential of all its students across their lifetime

Whereas all evidence points to the use of Charter Schools as a vehicle for promoting segregation and dividing the student populations along racial lines

Whereas the belief that Charter Schools can help our educational system become better can only be supported by the, shielding of the true results from public view.

Whereas people living next to a public school have the right under our founding principles of taxation, for their school taxes to go to that school’s district  to upkeep that school in their neighborhood for which they are paying these taxes, instead of private pockets:

Be it hereby resolved, that all funding for charter schools be hereby shifted as is with VoTech Schools in the state of Delaware, and from henceforth, all state funding for Charter School’s support shall now become a line item on the state’s yearly budget, and no longer rob local school districts of their per pupil endowment which is wholly supported by the property taxpayers paying primarily for the upkeep of their local schools.