This is so obvious!  It is amazing it took data to divulge it.  Here in Delaware with the mapping out of all the charter schools’ data in regards to their minorities and students eligible for free lunch, and being able to compare that to their test scores and other districts, it became amazingly clear, that Charter Schools and Public Schools are not that much different.

Charter Schools are supposed to be the best?  Yet public schools with affluent parents, are the best schools in the world. There is no problem there.  Likewise in poverty areas, Charters struggle with the same issues as do public schools. In fact they do a little poorer because they don’t have the support or structure given to public schools.

So it appears that a parent’s income, is the biggest determent of a child’s ability to pass tests.  The Pygmalion effect is just illusion and exists only in novels and on Broadway.

And that’s why Hb 165 is so deadly.  It attacks  and removes pieces of the public funding process that is the only thing supporting public schools, which are the best way any inner city child can get an education…   HB 165 pulls the rug out of what is working wel,l and sends funds over to something which after 19 years still can’t get it right…

HB 165 needs a no vote in committee.  This bill is too soon. Too fast.  And comes with too many questions.  Any time you develop two tiers of education…. any time… one will get all the best resources; the other will get what’s left. That’s what this bill will do.  We’ve seen it done before.