Quick note on who does and who does not support Charter Schools.

Those who do not.

  • Superintendents of every school district
  • School board members of every school district.
  • Every principal in every school of every school district
  • Every public school teacher in every school district
  • Parents of every child in public schools.
  • Child psychologists at all major children’s hospitals
  • Experts in child psychology.
  • Majority of state legislators regardless of party.
  • Students in public schools.
  • Bus drivers of public schools.
  • DSEA and state teacher’s unions across the nation…


Now those who support charter schools.

  • Realtors.
  • billionaires
  • politicians they’ve bought
  • chiefs of change brought in by those politicians


So unless you are a Realtor or billionaire, you need to be against Charter Schools.