One of the most amazing facts very rarely mentioned, is the intellectual breakthroughs that  derived out of the American Public Schools of the 30 years prior to WWII…  We call it classic education, and essentially, it borrowed its curriculum from Eton and the private privileged schools of Britain.  Back then, the principle idea  of public schools was to take the curriculum of the privileged, and make it available to all.

Common Core, attempts just the opposite.  It waters down curriculum so all can pass…  As if saying our standards are currently  too high,  so not everyone is graduating.  Therefore let us  lower all the standards so more can graduate, and if they wish, they can take remedial classes when they go onward in post secondary education.  The founders of Common Core now argue that Algebra II is too hard, (Trig. Calc. and Geometry were already left out of Common Core). The founders of Common Core now argue that literature has no place in curriculum at all.  Students should only study instructional texts.

Most do not know this, but there have been no major changes in either avionics or rocket delivery systems since the generation that fought WWII, retired.

All the new innovations are simple tweakings of plans already in place.  In fact, despite hundreds of billions thrown at the issue, we can’t make a better plane than the Blackbird SR71.  We just pulled it our of retirement again.  We pull the A10’s out of retirement, every time we have a ground campaign.  Our strategic air command, depends on B52’s… the last one was made in ’62… making them over 50 years old, every one of them…

How did these engineers design these magnificent designs out of thin air?  There were no precedents from which to draw?

Their education played a big part.  Classical education….

100 years ago we taught Greek and Latin in our high schools.  Today we are teaching remedial classes in colleges.

What worked, works.  All those “new” innovative ideas with which we are playing around, such as Common Core, don’t work very well at all…..