Pressure for parents and the teachers union had derailed Common Core in Tennessee.

The vote was overwhelming for establishing at least A TWO YEAR DELAY IN THE PROCESS.


Two amendments received substantial support as well.

The first:  An amendment to delay further Common Core implementation, including the adoption of new standards in science and social studies was approved by an 80-6 vote.

The second:  On delaying the PARCC testing, the vote was 88-0.

Defeat of Educational Reform is the best way to improve America’s schools.  Both Tennessee and Delaware were the first two winners in the Race To The Top…  Looks like Tennessee won by coming to the realization first, that Common Core is the wrong direction.

Filthy rich lobbyists, those solely behind the educational reform movement in Tennessee, are having quite a bad week….

First, the TEA (their equivalent of our DSEA)  announced a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of TVAAS-based merit pay for teachers, a measure supported by their governor Haslam’s Administration.

Then, the House Finance Committee did not take up Haslam’s proposal for school vouchers, instead delaying consideration for one week.  The bill barely eked out of House Finance Subcommittee with Speaker Harwell having to break a tie vote.

A TEA-backed bill prohibiting the use of TVAAS in teacher licensure decisions also passed key committees in the House and Senate this week…

To paraphrase Dick Cheney;  “Educational reform is bad, very bad….”  One has to look at Delaware still moving forward with this horribly inept solution and one must wonder, what is wrong with our legislators…..   A day ago we just heard the spin from the Governor that only a few crazies are causing a lot of misinformation.  Well, that must make the Tennessee legislature out to be the most misinformed body on earth.

No, I don’t think so.  That distinction instead belong with the Delaware’s General Assembly, which could only muster 4 detractors off of SB 51;  known in the General Assembly as the “Death of Delaware Bill”…  Our legislators get told what to do by lobbyists and then do it without question.