Common Core was created in a corporate environment.  In fact. At the end they realized for marketing purposes, they didn’t have a math expert on board.  They called one in..

He calls himself the only the only math content expert on the Validation Committee reviewing the standards…

So,… Texas hauled him into committee to get his take on these math standards….   He was polite.

Common Core standards are“, as he told the Texas state legislature, “in large measure a political document that . . . is written at a very low level and does not adequately reflect our current understanding of why the math programs in the high-achieving countries give dramatically better results.

The Common Core math standards deemphasize performing procedures (solving many similar problems) in favor of attempting to push a deeper cognitive understanding — e.g., asking questions like “How do you know?”

Common Core math standards bear little resemblance to the national curriculum standards in countries with high-achieving math students: they seem to avoid cognitive understand like an epidemic, and focus on performing procedures (solving many similar problems)….

Remember doing 40 math problems at once?  Now they do two or three.  (Time is spent on explaining why math works the way it does)….

Would you the reader, prefer to learn that 2 +2 = 4  so you can use that later, or would you rather understand that when you later see 534 + 567 what you have is 534 blocks pushed against 567 blocks… As to how many, you never learned that… You know there are a lot of blocks pushed together though because  that’s what adding does….

Was anyone thinking when they came up with Common Core Standards?   Really?

Why is this new, unvalidated math approach suddenly appearing in all our schools?

Because it is…  SURPRISE!…  On the test that validates schools, teachers and students, and now our teaching institutions of higher learning.

Because this unvalidated math approach (which flat out doesn’t work btw),  is at the core of what’s on the test, we have to teach false mathematics to our children to keep the scores up…  We need those scores up so we look good comparing ourselves to other nations who teach math out of textbooks from the 1930’s.  The bright question needs to be asked.  “Shouldn’t we be doing what they are doing?”

If we had to teach creationism, we’d all be up in arms.  Consider this Common Core math program as the Mathematical Creationism…

Student:  “Teacher… how did they come up with that theorem?”

Teacher:  “Oh, I don’t know… It’s just there!… Nobody knows where these things come from.  Accept it for what it is…”

When I was in 8th Grade we had to prove the quadratic equation.  Those of us that did it perfectly, got A’s.  Those who came  close got B’s.  Those that got 3/4 of the way, got C’s… But all of us were exposed to doing that…  We know where that comes from, because we put ourselves through the same  steps Brahamgupta did in 674 BC.

It’s the difference between evolution…. and creationism… Common Core took the easy route…

These standards are designed not to produce well-educated citizens but to prepare students to enter community colleges and lower-level jobs. All students, not just non-college-material students, are going to be taught to this lower standard.

Although proponents  (like Mike O) may insist that Common Core does not get in the way of local input into curriculum choice, it does.  Whatever is on the test becomes the core of that year’s teaching.  Local Schoolboards have no input as to what will be on the test.  So though they may meet and discuss, and send up a report, it turns out it is just busy work.  The test was already made.

The  major objection to the Common Core standards is that they are not evidence-based. Their effect on academic achievement is simply unknown, because they have not been field-tested anywhere in the world, except on the students of Delaware and Tennessee… And in both cases, student achievement is failing. 

Surprise to us, WE are the front lines for this very experimental application, one incidentally that is not backed by any of  those scholars here or abroad who study education,  but is instead rabidly supported by those who once spent the night in a Holiday Inn Express, paid for by two private companies or as they call themselves, trade organizations:

  • National Governors Association Center for Best Practices
  •  Council of Chief State School Officers.

The standards and assessments are copyrighted and therefore cannot be changed or modified by the states.”

Why do these standards have so much professional endorsement?

If someone asks you to sign on in support of improving education,  by raising test scores across the country, are you going on record as saying “No”?  Neither did 59 Delaware Senators and Representatives who haven’t the slightest clue of  what common cores consists….. but couldn’t be held up in an election year as being against better standards….

No one knows what Common Core is…..  Here are three questions you need to ask, the next time any public official such as Democratic State Senator David Sokola says he supports better education thru Common Core.

Have you seen the lesson plans (homework)?

Have you personally taken the tests?

Have you talked to any parent who currently has a child in a Common Core curriculum?

If the answer is…. no, No, NO!   He is a stool.  He doesn’t even know what he is talking about, and therefore should not be believed about anything he is saying…

It is time to demand that our Legislature publicly take the tests they, by their inaction and complacency, are forcing upon our children… damaging them for life…..

Common Core has never, never, never, ever, been tried before….  And my gosh! it is horrible…. Really bad.

Seriously.  I like the package… but the product when you unwrap it… really stinks…