No more SAT essay!… This 10 year experiment is finally going to the grave it deserves.  How silly were those academics who thought awarding points for an essay sloppily drawn up on the fly, was indicative of anything about the abilities of the essay writer… As everyone who has ever written anything knows,  the sole power of a well written piece, lies in its editing…

If that first paragraph jolted you a little by its incongruity with the set-up of the head line,  then good.  Sadly that is the only good news of the SAT revisions… Do you remember what they were? Keep in mind, they are being instigated by the very person (David Coleman) who developed the Common Core curriculum that is being trounced and ridiculed across the entire nation of the United States of America…

Here are the changes…..

Big words and rich vocabulary are scrubbed… Instead the test is to determine ones ability to know corporate speak and decipher acronyms and corporate key words (jargon)..

The penalty for wrong answers is now removed.  Now guessing, whether encouraged or not, at least means there will no longer be those unanswered questions near the end at which one one used to get … Just before time gets called, rapidly filling all the bubbles left is now a no-brainer…It used to be a game of risk.  Who knows?  It could get you into MIT if you just happen to randomly hit the right ones!… (Is that not really the stupidest idea or what?  Whose the fvck that put this guy (David Coleman) in charge of the College Boards?)

No higher math;  Math will narrow to linear equations, functions, and proportions..

The test will have two sections;  Both verbal and written will  now be gone.  The replacement is “Evidenced Based Reading” which as mentioned above, will be accompanied by “Remedial Math”..

All will include snips of America’s Founding Documents.


Since you are reading this, it obviously means that you yourself are smart.  So what does this sound like to you?    Doesn’t it sound like a new teacher who doesn’t want to fail anyone, so the make the tests super easy so even the D- students can get a good grade…  Why yes, it does?

None of us would stand for that in a high school.  So why would we allow it for our country?  But alas, if you read the explanation that David Colman makes regarding watering down standards just to give everyone a gold star, you see that is exactly what he is doing.

“Awww… I’m sorry you don’t know by the 12th Grade that 2 + 2  =  4, so we’re getting rid of that question… and now all you have to do is just determine whether the symbol in front of you is a number… or a letter..” Taken from Coleman’s pamphlet….

“Access to Opportunity (“A2O”) pushes (“propels”) low-income, first-generation, underrepresented students to college....  That translates to “forcing unprepared students into to getting loans to sit in computerized college classes being taught from afar by a purple dinosaur… along the lines of :  That Sounds Like An Opposite To Me…”.

(Even the announcement of the changes is dumbed down, spiced up with helpful icons to get across hard conceptual ideas, … like “documents”– )

Perhaps some of you reading are here of the first time… You might be naive about the detrimental impact lurking behind the key words  “college and career ready standards.” Fear not, we were once naive too.  When we first  heard “college and career ” we too thought it meant that we were going to hold our children to higher standards so they would be ready for college and careers… That was the promise.

We got the opposite.  We got a ceiling set very low of what college and career standards would now be.  It was as if at a track meet, the rules for a high jump were changed by a secret committee from seeing which team members could jump the highest, over to see how many of each team’s members could make it over a 3 foot bar.  The emphasis is strictly on the quantity of people getting points, and not on any value being placed on the points themselves…  Obviously from a casual glance at the new standards as with the high jump analogy, it is obvious that very few if any will ever attempt to push themselves to see how high they can jump.  (What’s the point?).  They will make sure they can get over the 3 foot bar and then move on to something else…  Again, who’s the fvck that put this guy (Gary Coleman) in charge of the College Boards?)

Students who go through schools that follow the Common Core Standards will be ill-prepared for the rigors of college. That is, unless something can be done on the other end to ensure that colleges lower their standards. Then everything will be well……


it gets worse.

If Common Core was a baseline for schools, then really no harm.. Things could continue as they are now, and America, despite what the liars of sponsored testing try to sell us, would continue to have the best educated public of any nation.

Alas, but Common Core has become the end game of our  entire educational process for two reasons.

First, it uses up all of the time in a K-12 curriculum..

Second, by the Common Core statute, students who graduate from high school with a Common Core education and admitted to public colleges and universities, will automatically be entered into “credit-bearing courses.”

Aye.  and there’s the rub.  For in those classes, what sweeps and dodges must take place, to make that wish become a reality, must give us pause;  and make us rather bear the ills we have, than flee to others that we know not of…

College standards will have to drop down to those weak levels of Common Core.  They simply have to.  So even if a high school could offer classes in advance of the minimal level where Common Core cuts off, … why should they?  That’s what colleges are for now… Especially in todays cash strapped environment?

As put very well by Peter Wood,  the SAT changes are a life preserver for the flailing Common Core movement in that by lowering the SAT standards, by dumbing them down, they make getting into college easy even if all you know,…  is Common Core…   For old timers, it is as if our masters arbitrarily said,  “all one needs to get into college now is to learn a secret code, we’ll make it pig latin, and if all learn pig latin from  k-12 years, we can get a lot of people into college…….

But for what?  Itway isway otnay ikelay ouyay eednay otay owknay anythingway
inway ollegecay anywaysway…..  Owhay isway ethay fvckay atthay utpay isthay uygay (Avidday
Olemancay) inway argechay ofway ethay Ollegecay Oardsbay?))