Caesar Rodney Institute has promoted Charter Schools as being the future of education.  As posted earlier, Charter Schools always fail.

As one more example piled upon the skyscraper of evidence, here is Pencader Charter School today…..

To say this happens in public schools all the time, misses the point… We spent millions on this Charter School just to allow kids to learn in an environment where THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN.

The inside story is that adults were responsible for this unfortunate situation, not students.

One more charter schools fails again.  Yet Caesar Rodney is still trying to get hard earned tax dollars spent on these wasteful projects just so it’s benefactors can get their hands on some of your money….

Wouldn’t that money have been better spent rebuilding one of the schools we already got?

Of course it would.  Charter schools always was, is , and will be a horrible idea….   In fact, for quick reference, anything   everything the Caesar Rodney Institute sells itself out to represent, is… a horrible idea.   I guess that is why they are there.  So people with horrible ideas can try to fool the rest of us who don’t have time to do the research to understand this fake organization is lying to us…. they’ll say anything for a fee, mind you, for a fee.