WTF is a micro charter?  It is a charter school that makes craft beer worthy of Rick Jensen’s Thirsty Thursday….. not…….

Ok.. Really…  It is a charter school with 100 students….  and less than 200 students…

Currently three new charters were approved this year… Law states they have to have 200 students by May 30th to be approved…. They don’t.  Thus it is necessary to change the law to keep them opening as scheduled…   If the law doesn’t change, these schools can’t open.

So if this bill passes, we can open 3 brand new charter schools of 100 students apiece…. There will need to be  3 new principals; 3 new secretaries, and 3 times the number of teachers… that one school of 300 students each would need….  So how will these three fare?

Let us look at some failed charter schools…   Pencader  failed because of financial insolvency.  All its students had to be sent elsewhere, completely disrupting their education…. Pencader opened with 350 students… (200 freshmen and 150 sophomores)   Pencader had one principal, one secretary, and teachers for 350 students… As of 2012, it had 410 students, yet it failed because it didn’t have revenue to meet it’s obligations…. One must ponder how it would have fared were it also supporting  3 principals, 3 secretaries, and 3 times the number of teachers it had…… as this bill 234 is wont to do for 300 of New Castle County’s students?…..

Moyer Academy which has never met AYP, had 182 students last year and 227 this year…   It has struggled and is currently fighting the option of being closed by the DOE… Imagine if they had to support 3 principals, 3 secretaries, and 3 times the number of teachers?

Reach Academy opened with 390 girls last year, and 468 this year?  It is being closed down by a bill put forth by Dave Sokola.  His objection?  It is too small to be economically viable.  Yet at the same time, he is promoting changing the law to allow schools with one fourth that amount to be approved……

Let me tell you what is going on here….

He is trying to help friends of his who invested in Charter Schools, and are about to lose their money because no one wants to send their kid to a creepy charter school when Delaware’s public schools all have better scores and spank the charter school’s asses….   What happens to those children to get stuck in these 3 hellholes is of no consequence to him….

But closing schools IS a really big deal… And these three schools just like the Delaware Racino’s that are currently siphoning money out the state’s gazoo, must one day be closed….

It is better to close them before they ever get started…..   People lose money all the time… But ruining a kid… that’s a big deal…

There is no way in hell that a 100 student charter school can compete academically as well as a large public school….   And they are taking money away from that public school just by being open!  Those public schools will now lose money to these three new schools all destined to fail, for no reason other than Dave Sokola changed the law he put in place last year because apparently no one wants to send their kid to a charter school.  These Charter schools have failed!… Surprise trivia question: what what was the original argument for establishing charters? It was that if they failed to attract students,…  you could close them….   But here in SB 234, we have 3 charters that have failed, …. having the law changed so they can stay open and ruin even more kids?

So now, only because of Dave Sokola, every single child in New Castle County will now suffer somewhat, by allowing these  schools to remain open at student levels far below those failing schools of Pencader, Moyer, and REACH….  

100 students is absolutely unsustainable….

Every child currently living in poverty, counting on, depending on either these charter schools, or the financially shorted public school system to pull them out… will suffer even more…

The Delaware House of Delegates needs to kill this bill.   Either that, or agree to fund all charters as we do vo-techs, right out of the state budget, and not rob public schools of their most precious and necessary resources….