Look, I’m the most skeptical person ever,  But even I was skeptical when I saw the News Journal had this headline posts… (probably corrected by now.)…   Red Clay needs Minnehan on board ….

Tooting Tootle's Tooties
Courtesy of You Know Who

Yes, I’m sure they do, but she is running for a School Board spot in Christina.  At least her signs are all over Newark.  If someone had just checked,  inside the article this word…. C…H…R…I…S…T…I…N…A  is featured rather prominently, in the first sentence no less…  🙂  If anyone had doubts, they would go to this link, the News Journal Listing of School Board Elections,  and see there in Christina District E …. Minnehan.

So the question any skeptic should ask, is…. was this done on purpose? If so, why?

The why is the easiest to answer. She will augment the independent streak that Christina District has going. If you are new to education, you probably don’t know this: there are two sides. It’s not Democrat versus Republican… although it could be, but those lines of partisanship do not reach into our school districts. In education, one either puts “Student’s First” or “Business First” … The biggest battle going on in education now, is whether the money we are paying for education, should go to a) teachers and supplies and those that put the two together, or b)should that same money go to a business, who then keeps a big part of that money for itself, and replaces those high paying jobs with ones reflecting minimum wage… Students versus Business.

Minnehan puts students first.

But wait. As Kilroy points out, the News Journal FORGOT two district races in Red Clay.. Hmmm. three errors all aimed at Red Clay…

Why did The News Journal remove two Red Clay board candidate’s profile from their election guide re: board nominating district “D” Walters vs Wood and reference to an unchallenged race race in “E”?” Kilroy

The skeptic in me says the News Journal wants Red Clay voters to show up looking to vote Minnehan, and not seeing her, mark the others at random. If done, the “business” side of education, those “Wall Street darlings”, may though the confusion, get a extra votes on top of their core, which could upset the election, thereby making Red Clay more interested in which business gets to come in and profit, instead of whether students even graduate…

Minnehan is good, for those in Christina. Those in Red Clay need to go here…