So used to having no opposition, Murphy withers when faced with real questioning…
Kilroy has the eyewitness account. Upon first read. Wow. Just wow.

Kilroy's Slower Delaware

What a disastrous performance Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy put on today at the New Castle County Combined School Boards Meeting.

This morning the secretary rolled out the Smart Balanced Assessment and he was ill-prepared to answer serious questions by district leaders and board members.

The Smarter Balanced Assessment test that has not been approved by state legislators will be field tested  “this school year” in 94 schools which includes schools in each district and some charter schools with a total of 20,000 assessment items. The participating schools will not administer the entire test just various segments. Murphy states next year the Smarter Balance Assessment will be rolled-out.

I want to know when did the Delaware State Legislators approve replacing DCAS a stand-alone state assessment test with a nationalized standardize test where Delaware cannot  adjust cut-scores? Does Murphy have mayoral control over the state legislators?

Murphy said The Smarter…

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