Educational Success

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But one sees two things from this.  First, that Delaware is not in a crises mode. And second, we should be doing what Massachusetts did….

If one looks at the states with a B versus those with a C, one sees that the closer one is to Canada, the better ones education stacks up.

Now unlike most rankings, (ie, the one performed by Michelle Rhee that was panned out of existence), this ranking uses poverty data as well to generate the possibilities of success. Therefore it would make sense that those states with a better safety net, would score higher in getting their kids out the door, able to succeed on their own.

Hence, the closer one is to a more enlightened nation, the better one’s state is…

It is odd particularly after seeing Ben Affleck and his cronies  in Good Will Hunting, to think Massachusetts is turning out the best America has to offer. But it is… Based on consistently high NAEP test scores which are known as the nation’s report card. Massachusetts has led for decades….

What did they do?

The Massachusetts Education Reform Act involved a commitment by the state to double state funding of public education from $1.3 billion in 1993 to $2.6 billion by 2000; to provide a minimum foundation budget for every district to meet its needs….

Of course it also put in procedures to ensure that money was well spent.

Delaware is attempting to put in the procedures but without the financial investment….  After that debacle, we now know what has to be done.  We need to spend the money and do it…

  • 11:1 Student teacher ratios k-5 and 9th Grade.
  • Component V reduced to 10% of the evaluation process.
  • 5 minute exercise breaks every hour to increase brain oxygen and condition healthy lifestyles.
  • Lighten up on curriculum.  Let teachers teach with excitement.  Continue using data feedback to see what does and does not work best with each student.

We can do this.  We now need to pivot away from Common Core and steer in this direction.  This works in Massachusetts, which is more than one can say for Common Core  anywhere it has been tried,  Where it has been tested .. it has done nothing but REALLY PISS PEOPLE OFF.