That includes throwing them out of Eden Square…..

  • I would expect the same if the NAACP was found supporting enforce segregation.
  • I would expect the same if the Jewish Federation was propping up the American Nazi Party…
  • I would expect the same if the Sierra Club was principal holder of Georgia Pacific Paper Corporation.
  • I would expect the same if the Preserve the Monarch Society was spraying the nesting grounds with DDT.

There is something very seriously wrong, just as there was with the DSEA (Delaware’s Teachers Union), when the top echelon went along supporting a very horrible program  over the objection of its own members….

  • It is like the US went into Iraq.
  • It is like the US took money from the poor and gave to the rich.
  • It is like the US used tax money to bail out the billionaires and fired us from our high paying jobs.
  • It is like the US said there was no limit on how much a billionaire can spend on an election.
  • It is like the US said killing 27 school children was nothing… Big deal, not.  No change to gun ownership laws.
  • It is like the US said we need to cut taxes on the rich, and raise them on the poor….
  • It is like the US said, we will stop giving students cheap college government loans, but they can borrow at exorbitant rates from private lenders… but get no tax refunds till loans are brought current….
  • It is like the US said, we will take and record every piece of data, every phone conversation you ever make… and do it in the name of giving you freedom…
  • It is like the US said… if you’re poor, you have to stand in line to vote….
  • It is like the US said… Main Street doesn’t matter… Wall Street, on the other hand,… how much can you give me for my next election……


What Delaware’s PTA is doing…. is just that bad….

See post below on how to demand your refund from the Delaware PTA…..

In the meantime… Christina Board should ban the Delaware PTA from their property…..  On their next financial statement the Delaware PTA will have to include a new expense line……..

…Contribution Solicitation( printing, marketing, mailing):   ….$30,000.

As an aside, over the next twelve years they will never get another penny from me, or anyone within the reach of my influence….

One gets better use of their money, giving it to those sign holding guys in intersections looking for donations.