The Federal Department of Education announced that the 12 RTTT finalists still have lots of money to spend.

Interesting for Delaware, their total is 3 times the amount being cast around by the Delaware Department of Education’s Mark Murphy.

Somewhere between $10 and $12 million the News Journal quoted.

The Feds say Delaware has 31% ($36.89 million) of its funding left….  New York has 59% of its $700 million left sitting in the bank according to US Federal Spending Reports.

Combined the 12 states have $1.8 billion out of their $4 billion left; 46%


Courtesy of EdWeek

Words of caution.  Some of the money may have been spent on paper, but not yet withdrawn (such as a contract has been signed, but not yet implemented). Other times there is a delay from when it is spent, and when it finally shows up on a Federal ledger.  And third, the first year was spent in planning so little was spent that year.

But the unspent money is a good indicator that Common Core is not rolling forward as smoothly as it was intended.   The money is unspent; so something must be wrong is the normal signal that full coffers portend.   With extensions, states have until July 1st, 2015 to now spend the money.  The original deadline was summer of 2014.