Charter Schools have been around for 19 years. In Delaware there are currently 18. Over those past 19 years there have been twice more charter schools who’s applications did not make it. There was one which did make it but was so bad it got closed down this year. There is another all think should close, but as of right now, it still remains open.

When people say Charter Schools are great, they have one particular charter school in mind. Those good schools have few minorities; those good schools have few people below the poverty line. There is a reason they do. They are not just “lucky” They get to chose who comes and who can’t. If public schools could do the same, there would be no problem with education as we speak.

So what happens when you have all one’s good schools able to pick and choose who gets to enter, and another set of schools who by law, must take all the rest? What happens to that very bright precocious young child living in East Side, Hilltop, West Side, or South Bridge, who, through no fault of his own, has to go to public school because the waiting lists have far too many affluent people on them?

That is why HB 165 must be tabled. This is a pro-segregation bill. Building a school is expensive. That is why today there aren’t more charters. HB 165 will give state funding to private investors to build private schools. Not non-profit schools, but for-profit schools as well.

Although Charter schools have a right to exist under current law, to fund them at the expense of existing public schools hurts only those students who can’t make the cut into Charters. School funding to School Districts under Markell has decreased each year during his tenure.

Historically our most challenging students, the very ones who most need extra funding, are being cut off by the current Department of Education. What we have right now is so much better than the environment we shall suffer after HB 165 passes.

To date, this is the biggest segregationist bill passed by the Delaware’s House of Delegates since the Civil Rights Act was implemented in 1965. It is now before the Senate. It has hundreds of lobbyists pouring into legislative hall to pull for it and it will pass, unless you choose to do something about it. Only you can stop it now. Martin Luther King didn’t die in vain. The time to act is now, before this Wednesday.

I hereby give the News Journal Permission to copy and paste this on their front page, just as they did the talking points handed down from the administration. My screed will get far more readers attention, and make far more sense.