Democracy requires an informed public….  On Common Core, Delaware’s legislators have their head in the sand… By a vote of 30 to 9 yesterday, the House of Delaware’s General Assembly voted to scrap Delaware’s HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL DCAS testing program for a widely panned Smarter Balanced Assessment…..

Here is what they have given you… You have kids?  Take the tests!!!….

Just how deep do 30 of Delaware’s legislators have their heads in the sand???   Well perhaps this will be a wake up call for them… Check these out.  Whereas other governors are concerned about the future of our kids, our’s seems to be concerned only about the financial future of the governor…

One must ask…. in spite of OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE AGAINST COMMON CORE…. how can anyone not know?  How can anyone not care?  Are they really that stupid?  Or are they all bought off?  Do they just don’t know?  Or do they know, just holding out their hands and looking the other way?

For in light of the national landscape,  Delaware is an anomoly.  Delaware is going against the grain….  How can you explain 30-9 in light of all of this???


Now I don’t expect you to read all of them…. If you are a democrat, you are probably going to read a few of the ones with Democratic states’ names attached…. If you are a republican, you are probably going to read a few of the ones with Republican high profile names and states attached….

The point is the SHEER  VOLUME OF BOTH RED AND BLUE STATES  that have revolted against Common Core….  Not because of its principles…. BECAUSE OF THIS TEST…..

The same test that 30 of your Representatives voted for because we were so deep in its shit…..   It is as if we had to cross a cow field and got started and found it was full of a winter’s worth of manure… Talking really deep shit…. Like past your shoes and up over you ankles.  Whereas all the other states in the Union are going “holy shit”, and taking steps backwards to dry land” Jack Markell and Mark Murphy, the least experienced Superintendent EVER in the history of this state of Delaware, are taking us the five miles across to the other side, while saying… “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the smell…”

And 30 of our legislators are following him like sheep!

Really… I don’t get it?…  And I know most of these guys…

I’ll tell you what…. You want to know who is smart?   I wouldn’t call them geniuses really; I’d just say they have good common sense!  If you read your Harry Potter, these are the good guys….. the Harry’s, Hermione’s, the Ron’s, the Hagrid’s, the Dumbledore’s, the Sirius Black’s, the Remus Lupin’s, the Weasley’s, ….

John Kowalko.

Andria Bennett.

Michael Mulrooney.

Paul Baumbach.

Kim Williams.

Charles Potter.

Stephanie Boulden.

J. Johnson.

Helene Keeley.


Give them a call and email and thank them for their courage to stand up for what is right…. These are the ones who one day will have a plaque or statue in their honor mounted high in Rodney Square….  Tear down that horse. We have better heroes now……

As for the rest…. they are Death Eaters… Either working as did Crabbe, Goyle, and Lucius Malfoy directly with evil itself, or too timid to stand up for right against wrong, and feebly siding with whom they feel is stronger at the moment  maintaining their security with no care or concern for the children about to be sacrificed…. There is no hell hot enough for them…..

When all the world is moving one way… and Delaware the other,  one has to question whether we have democracy here at all?  Are we not a royal star chamber, a autocracy, even a dictatorship?….  Evidence would make it so….  There is a deep lack of courage among 30 of our legislators….

Not to mention Madam Bellatrix Lestrange running interference from the DSEA……..