Charles Potter has just introduced an amendment to SB51 striking the 3.0 average entry requirement. He says it discriminates against a black child who struggled hard though High School to get a 2.99… The toady for the administration is arguing that there is a clause allowing 10% of those not to be above target. He could slid in under that…  Potter’s response is that  what if that child was on the cusp, and after 10% were in, he was next and would be denied.

The administration is saying that this bill is to raise standards  and if you don’t raise standards what’s the point of having this bill.

Potter is dancing around the topic, but is essentually saying this is a bad bill and needs to be voted down if it doesn’t have this amendment, and finally, finally, debate is getting out on the floor,  The administration’s toadies are panicked… They’re wearing the stone expression face.. 

Now points we made are poking holes in the bill, but the speaker is reigning discussion to the amendment….

Any discussion of this bill is good… 

Fact is,  Potter is correct.  This bill certainly does discriminate against  wanna be teachers who studied their whole career, and with so many strikes against them, ARE proud of their 2.5 record… AND THEY SHOULD BE…