Vote Indian River's Referendum January 29th
Courtesy of Coastal Point.

Briefly John Young showed me this message.

That coupled with this old News Journal piece bears some response.

If one reads the entire article, the message being put forth by the Caesar Rodney Institute comes bluntly down to this …

Vote NO in the Indian River School District Referendum.

As for finding a rational reasons for voting no, other than the obvious one (so my benefactors don’t have to pay more money) it is a little harder.

The statement being made for what one could say is “one of the highest quality school districts overall in Delaware”, is that brand new Charter Schools are “better” and such for-profit entities should therefore pick up the additional influx of students instead of these top rated public schools,

The voters are being asked to NOT do something they do very well, and instead, gamble on something that only one person in the world thinks works, (James E. Hosley, director of the Center for Education Excellence at the Caesar Rodney Institute.)

Yep, that is his argument.

Now if you are inclined to believe every medicine man who parks beside the creek in his horse drawn cart just before a tornado touches down, go ahead. But don’t be surprised if some of us like to look at facts first. And the facts are pretty obvious. Charter Schools don’t work.

They don’t work for a very good reason. Because in order to earn a profit (that’s what Charter schools do) they have to cut back on many expenses which public education doesn’t.)… They cheat the students out of opportunities in order to can make themselves rich… Pretty much, that is the bottom line.

So Indian River? Would you want your district’s children continue to get a first class education? Or a school that will only spend $50 per student per year?

James Hosley (Caesar Rodney Institute) is entreating you to do the latter. To be honest, he does not appear to want any charter schools to be built. He simply doesn’t want the referendum passed.

Let us look just for one minute how “his” charter schools are performing? From past News Journal headlines.

A) Pencader’s charter to be revoked because of “serious financial and governance concerns.”

B) Closing of Delaware’s Maurice Moyer Academy highlights vital education issues.

C) The Board voted 4-3 Thursday to approve Secretary of Education Valerie Woodruff’s proposal to NOT to renew the school’s charter. Woodruff said she was concerned by poor student performance at the K-8 school.

And now here we have a “real” research institution. The University of Delaware. Hear their response.

Between 1994 and 2004, 26 Charter Schools received charters. Eleven failed to open. Few foresaw the disruptions that would occur at the business/operations level. Nationally 66% of Charter’s schools problems are because of funding and mismanagement. Charter Schools can discontinue their services at anytime, even during a school year. People who were initially focused on providing an improved learning environment for children find themselves increasingly engaged in issues like funding for permanent facilities, personnel-relations procedures, and school-board management, all the while trying to understand and meet the state and federal laws for which they are still responsible.

Unless you have a Bill or Melinda Gates living in Indian River who will oversee and provide “unlimited funding” (up to $100 million), a new charter school in Indian River District will fail.


They will have to fund/or lease and entire transportation system.
They will have to create a higher/paying teacher incentive to attract top notch talent.
They will have to build from scratch or completely renovate an old building to bring it into the newest strict codes.
They will have to fund music, arts, sports, yearbook, newspapers, plays, to remain competitive with pubic schools.

None of these are items on the Caesar Rodney’s plate. They couldn’t care less. They only care that this referendum is voted down so they can “harp” on “big government” being defeated. Their reasoning has yet so show concern for one single child.

Now compare the dismal failures of Charter Schools everywhere to Indian River District…..

243 students have choiced into Indian River from other districts.

Ranked 2nd in Delaware for Academic Achievement.

In 2011 Indian River claimed the Division 2 state championship beating Caravel, 35-13.

This showcases the triumph of Public school education over that of underfunded, mismanaged privatized Delawarean Charter School attempts to excel at education.

No one in their right mind would vote against this referendum in order to help students; you will vote against it because your are selfish. A vote against the referendum hurts students; it hurts all of Indian River District’s students. Now, every person or group has the right to disseminate information promoting their cause. The danger occurs when one does not already know that the Caesar Rodney Institute has been repeatedly shown to be a disproven source of information. The word of the Caesar Rodney Institute has as its worth, about equivalent to that of an Iranian jihadist’s view on “what Jesus really meant”. They are the last person you ever want to listen to… Just look at the data above!