It’s in spot 8.   Here is what the bill does…

It pretends to give charters hoops to jump through to become a valid charter, then give the DOE the option of arbitrarily approving anything it wants.

All this is to mask the new right of new charters to petition the general assembly to get them to pay for building their schools, to pay for their start-up costs.

Make no mistake.  This is a funding bill .. All the other stuff is just trash,  Busy work to keep the focus away from this:  that for the first time, we are going to give charter schools money to help them destroy public schools and older charter schools by taking students and the dollars associated with those students away from them…

This was done in Chicago 8 years ago.  It is called public funding of charters. This was done in Philly 8 years ago… .Charters moved in and the public schools lost funding… Now they are being closed.

That is why this bill is being sneaked….

The other day Jacques said retortingly:  “We didn’t sneak nothin’… ”  Well… in response ask yourself if this the first time you are hearing what this bill intends to do?  If it is, then this bill was sneaked.

This is something every single parent should weigh in on before it goes into law in just 10 days…. This bill is too dangerous to let pass without a public vetting. It reinstates segregation; it penalizes existing religious and non profit charters; it opens the door for megalithic charter corporations to sweep in as they have done destroying every large American City, and most importantly, it will sabotage the excellence in education that is currently already in place in Delaware.

That is why this bill is very sneaky.  As Gallum would have called it…  It’s tricksy.

I hope it passes, I hope it passes, I hope it passes, I hope it passes