The revolt against Common Core standards is in full effect outside of Delaware.  22 of the 45 states that signed on, are now in the process of delaying or trying to remove themselves from Common Core.

If one counts the 5 that never signed on, (Texas, Alaska, Nebraska, Minnesota, Virginia)  that is over a majority of states, 27,  who do not want Common Core damaging their children’s brains…

It would be wise to remember that Common Core was never rolled out, debated, or discussed.  State educational organizations were first committed by their governors, then told “Oh, by the way, we are doing this Common Core thing, Change now.”.   It may have been ok if it had worked; but actual results now show  the entire program is so full of holes that every child going through the Common Core program, even if a genius going in, is a failure coming out…..

Parents are upset….

That means there are 23 states including Delaware which are still in… They would include some of these, whose chiefs are the chiefs for change…

However even three of these states, who have their chiefs in the Chiefs For Change,  Louisiana, New Jersey, and  Oklahoma, all have serious doubts over Common Core being expressed by their state legislatures, and are part of the 22 who have bills against Common Core pending in their legislatures….

The other states not opting out, all tend to be states behind on their implementation.  They don’t yet know what the effects will be. which puts Delaware and Tennessee as two states in the dubious position of fully knowing the damage Common Core will do to their children, and going forward with it anyways… Here are those few states still considered… “in” on Common Core.






Delaware (chiefs for change)


Idaho (chief for change)






New Mexico (chiefs for change)

North Dakota


Rhode Island (chiefs for change)

South Dakota

Tennessee (chiefs for change)





Everywhere across America, parents are up in arms against Common Core.  Expect more states to fall out this legislative session beginning in January.

Just remember whenever you see anything put in the News Journal by this administration or one of their toadies (Hefferman, Sokola, Short),  that if what they were proposing was truly so good,…. why then are the majority of states opting out of it?

Something is rotten,  somewhere.