The law is set in stone.  Parents have first rights to their children’s education.  Their child is not a test subject for Pearson or any other corporate entity. Their child is not a test subject for the U.S. Department of Education.  Their child is their child.

The principle problem with the entire Common Core Doctrine, is their test.  Their test is the weak link.  Their test is their undoing.  If one has a child who goes through the curriculum, they can emerge unscathed as long as they don’t get stuck in taking the test.

We know that the tests are made so children fail…  That is such an odd concept to grasp, isn’t it?.  Growing up we were never given tests we’d have no choice but to fail.  We may have failed them, but back then, it was our fault; not the fault of a major American corporation.  Today, It is different.

Very different.

“Test makers know exactly how each item will “function.” Whether the question is hard, easy, or in the middle. When they assemble a test, they know what proportion of students will faIl or pass. They typically design a bell curve. Why did New York commission tests that were supposed to make the public schools look bad? The silver lining was that the charters performed even worse than the publics!”

In New York a movement is growing among parents to send the tests back.  In Delaware, any parent can opt out their child from taking the test.

Critical mass is  to get 51% of children opting out of the Delaware test; that should be every parent’s goal.  Acknowledge these tests are designed by the test makers to fail children like yours.  Time to start spreading the word.  Delaware’s parents can opt out of the test and your child will not feel the negative effects of common core….   If a whole class opts out, I guess the teachers can’t be evaluated either? nor the administrators?  nor the districts?

“Tis a consumation devoutly to be wished…”  to not hurt Delaware’s children…  as someone who was NOT Common Core educated, once said…..