A quick reminder of what happened in Philly.

In last Spring’s study, it was shown that charter schools dropped test scores in Philly by a considerable amount.

Some Charter schools do better, but they do so at the expense of all those other students who remain behind.  As Charter’s suck off the top layer, more costly investment is needed to move the bottom layers higher.

The study determined the average scores before charters were allowed into the city, and then determined the average scores based on both public and charter school test score totals across the former district.

Better results happened before Charters.

When the sales pitches come forward… Remember to ask, … what happens to all those students left behind?

If you ran a business that cleared $100,000 and brought on a partner to help you, and then only made $80,000 to be split between you,  you’d fire that partner, wouldn’t you?   That is what charter schools do to a district….