Businesses:  refuse all contributions…..

The PTA is a sham… In their statement they pride themselves “on being a powerful voice for children, a relevant resource for parents, and a strong advocate for public education.”

As any follower knows, one cannot be such and still be in favor of Corporate Run Common Core..  That is impossible.  Like being on the moon and the sun at the same time… is impossible…

This group does not represent parents… It is as if an abolitionist society in 1850 breezed through the South collecting items of value donated from slaves and then, turns around, giving them over to the plantation’s owners…

It is as if a pro-Jewish organization, collected donations from Jews in 1937 to help the fight against the Anti-Antisemitism in Germany, and then turned around and give them over to Hitler….

Did you donate to the PTA?  What did you get for your donation?  I know families that did donate for both parents….  And for that, their money goes right straight in to the hands of these against all the past good public education has even in our lifetimes, stood for….

They are Quislings.  They are Benedict Arnolds.  They are un-American. They are anti-Delawarean…. You cannot be an American citizen and be for Common Core… It, like being on the sun and moon, is a physical impossibility….

If you are under the delusion and still think you can…. it is because you are …. (like I was a year and a half ago)…..  completely unknowing of what Common Core really is….

No one who has ever seen Common Core is in favor of it… Think about that for a second.  All those promoting Common Core are doing it blindly.  Everyone who has had to work with Common Core, students, teachers, and parents, is against it. That is why it is a complete waste of every penny you give your PTA… Every single damn penny is wasted…. Until they return to join the voice of every single parent in the State of Delaware. and echo the voice of every teacher demanding Common Core be disbanded and that the DCAS continue instead of switching to the Smarter Balanced Assessment…..

A parents, you have two options…

  • Demand they reverse and disavow Common Core and the Smarter Balanced Assessment.
  • Demand your money (dues) back…..

They owe my family $100.

Right now…. click open a new tab.... click on this email form .... type your demand for a refund or a reversal on Common Core… send….

Every single Delaware child will be grateful….  when they do graduate with sufficient knowledge, only because Common Core was only a failed experiment improperly done back in 2014….. and not their permanent curriculum.

Still seething mad……  Like Boiling?  Like Can’t See Straight? Like want to take your anger out?

Hit them all….. then…..

President Terri Hodges, Ed.D
President-Elect Bill Doolittle
Secretary Mandy Gonye
Treasurer Kelly Piatt
Education Chair Linda Malatesta
Leadership Chair OPEN
Membership Chair Joan Simon 
Region I VP Ashley Dalzell-Gray
Region II VP (Red Clay School District)) Jamie Gilley
Region III VP (Christina School District) OPEN
Region IV VP (Colonial) Arista Gordy
Region V VP (Appoquinimink) Terri Carpe
Region VI VP (Caesar Rodney, Capitol, Lake
Forest, Milford and Polytech)
Julia Caldwell
Annual Convention Chair Terri Hodges, Ed.D
Bylaws Chair Joan Simon
Scholarship Chair Dayna Shamlin
Exceptional Children ChairExceptional Child Vice-Chair Kathy DeNightLiz Toney
Social Media Chair Terri Hodges, Ed.D
Advocacy Committee Chair Yvonne Johnson
Reflections Chair Vanessa Gallagher
Hispanic Outreach Chair Carlos Dipres
Military Family Outreach Committee Julia Caldwell
Male Involvement Chair OPEN
Family Engagement Chair OPEN
Health Education Chair OPEN
Diversity Chair OPEN
Public Relations Chair OPEN

Office Location

925 Bear-Corbitt Road

Room 101

Bear, DE. 19701


Office Hours:  By appointment

Look…. They want you to share the knowledge …. So share it…