There needs to a mandatory class required for all politicians;  one that teaches them when and when not to expound reality beyond what is really there… I accept that there are times when stretching the truth is proper… As one example, immediately the first phrase jumping into my mind as I write this, was Franklin Roosevelt’s  “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself…”    For actually… they did have quite a bit to fear.  Would their jobs last?  Would their bank fail? Would there be any food in a month?  Would the bank call their loan?  You see, they lived under unfettered capitalism back then.  Capitalism with no controls and no safety net, meaning they really did have quite a bit to fear.  But, FDR simply brushed all that aside and closed the banks like he said he would, and reopened the banks like he said he would, and put Americans to work like he said he would, and you know, if one didn’t fear fear, everything would turn out alright…

A bad example, is what Delaware’s Governor Jack Markell tried to do yesterday in defending Common Core.  Poor fellow is about to be eviscerated.  Not that anyone really wants to, but…. a) when facts show a totally different reality from what you say, and b) when you are on the wrong side, not like Roosevelt who was on the right,…  you should have predicted  it was going to happen…

At least you would.. if I taught politicians the class… ..


Some purist may fault me for my immorality, but if you are going to lie, and seriously, you have to if you want to be elected, you need to lie about things that can never be proven otherwise… Our example: ” We have nothing to fear but fear itself”; how can anyone disprove that?   Another example:  the Republicans and Big Oil are still lying about Global Warming:  It bought them 20 extra years ( can you believe it has been that long since Al Gore invented it?”)  Lying about tobacco’s connection to cancer;  bought tobacco companies 40 years before truth finally caught up to them in the form of punitive damages.  So lying has its place and one probably should not be too harsh on Markell and the Chamber of Commerce types thinking they have similar clout to pull similar wool over your eyes…

Common Core is different.  You can’t go in with a microscope and see a tar molecule bond to human protein, and then change the genetic makeup of a lung cell making it cancerous… You can’t determine for sure how much each motor vehicle, each power plant will raise the global temperature.  There is room for doubt because it can’t be measured and that is what you exploit… However, any parent can tell if ones child is reacting to school in a completely different way than any of his siblings, and that he is doing so, solely because of Common Core…

That lie will get busted….

Here in shortened, scrunched down form, are some of the lies in what The News Journal reported Jack Markell allegedly said….

mythology” and “misinformation,”/…Delaware shows the standards are working.(cough, cough, cough)/… endangering our childrens’ future/,…the value of these standards (cough, cough)/…it’s about raising the bar for our children.”/…nonprofit Hunt Institute./.  some Common Core-aligned classes in action (wtf?)/.. preparing them for college or jobs /..more competitive against international peers/… standards were created by and for states/….Small-government activists have been some of the loudest opponents of the standards (only if they are parents first)..

Then there are the really big lies, that can only be expressed in full….

“Critics argue the effort is a federal power grab, taking educational decisions out of the hands of local school boards and teachers. They see the millions of dollars the U.S. Department of Education has given to states that adopt “college and career ready standards” as the federal government strong-arming states.” (No mention of child abuse? Lack of learning? Dumbing down of standards? Component 5? Accountability based only on one test? No mention of the horrible tests themselves?)

Jim Douglas, the Republican former Governor of Vermont, said the debate shouldn’t be about politics.  “There are conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats alike who think this is important, and we think people need to know that,” Douglas said. (umm. pretty easy to solve that:  there are parents and non parents.  Those parents whose children have been exposed, are against common core; non parents, especially those getting rich off it, tend to be in favor of it,  Politics has nothing to do with it, but being a parent of a Common Core child has everything to do with it.)

But here is the one that really cracked me up….. He announced the plans at Lancashire Elementary School on Monday after showing representatives of those groups some Common Core-aligned classes in action.

Ha, ha, ha, ha… How do you show Common Core in action?  It looks just like any non Common Core class.  A teacher, students, exercises.  Perhaps a slogan or two on the wall?  Lol…  Why was this Common Core class chosen, and not one in the Red Clay District, or Christina District, or  Colonial District, or REACH Academy?   Why was a school picked that is only 22% Afro American?  Why was a school picked that was only 37.5% low income?  Why was a school picked that is only 7.8% Special Ed?  Why? To show a dog and pony show… Jump kids, jump… Nice job teacher… when on the entire state average is 31.3% Afro-American;  51.9% low income; and 12.7% Special Ed….

Do you really think anyone was fooled walking into one of Holodick’s best schools and saying:  this is what Common Core is accomplishing?  Wasn’t that school accomplishing the exact same results a year before, and the year before that? ( Yes, it was)  Yet still, even in this showpiece of a model school being used for the press dog and pony show, Blacks didn’t meet 70% AYP (60%).  Special Ed didn’t meet 70% AYP (43%).  Low Income didn’t meet 70% AYP (66%)…  yet the entire school is listed as meeting 70% AYP (79%), know why?……  Thank goodness it has lots of rich white people there….. 84% of them hit AYP and carried the entire school….


What happens to schools in entire districts where 40.6% are Afro American?  Where 61.7% are low income!  Where 15% are Special Ed?  No rich white people there to help them out….  I can see Mark Murphy wagging his finger now… “You John Young, are failing your students.  Get your act together son…”

The reason this event was staged in Holodick’s Lancashire School, is because Common Core is not working.  It is not making Afro Americans do fantastically.  It is not magically turning low income children into Einsteins.  It is not the philosopher’s stone enabling Special Ed’s to prosper forever in our society…  This is a dog and pony show presented for public consumption with the News Journal and Amy Cherry of WDEL accompanying.   I wish I could find the link to WDEL’s pictures showing the classroom, and of course every parent looked at that picture and went… huh?  What’s so special about Common Core?  Ha.  It is so obvious from WDEL’s video that those children were coached how to behave…

A Hollywood moment….

Which media will be there when they take the test?  Any news organization there to show the kids breaking down?  The frustration? The tears? The crying?  The wetting?  The vomiting?  That is the “real Common Core”  That is what every single parent who has been exposed to Common Core is so mad about , and is bound determine not to be dismissed. or ignored, or called some right wing small government extremists…

For no.  Common Core is worse than No Child Left Behind.  Common Core will destroy the American Educational System because it is crap…  David Coleman’s crap…  Not because of Constitutionality; not because of libertarian type beliefs, not because of anti-corporate sentiments, not because of labor unions, not because of Federal influence, not because of some Wall Street Ponzi Scheme.   Common Core hurts kids.  It really, truly, hurts children…  Which is why…. you have a governor and an ex governor, with a local newspaper and local radio station, staging a dog and pony show in a predominantly rich white suburban school, calling out all those who are against Common Core…….

And then…. you have all these, which in just this past week, on the other side of Governor Markell, trying every way possible to get legislators to notice that Common Core is really bad for both children and politicians who support Common Core against overwhelming evidence which is very real, and  is not staged, not white washed, not glossed over….  And who are these people against Common Core?  Parents.  All these parents. (thanks CCEWP 🙂 )

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I have to heartedly laugh now at Jim Douglas, the Republican former Governor of Vermont, who is quoted saying the debate shouldn’t be about politics.  “There are conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats alike who think this is important, and we think people need to know that,” Douglas said.

Lol… Look above.  There are far, far, far more conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats…  who think the exact opposite…. and we think people need to know that too…