The post below is the reality.  In  reading, we are very good globally.  But what does Common Core then make us? Stupid?  Actually yes.

According to one Delaware high school student who underwent last year’s pilot of ELA Common Core, it was a wasted year. ” I forgot everything I learned the year before in AP” they said. “I’m now back in AP and even though I can remember we covered these exact same vocabularies two years ago, I have no recollection of what any of these words mean… Last year was a f**kin waste. I’m so far behind.”

Have you ever had to argue with a boss who is dumber than you?  That is the position Common Core puts students in, relative to their course material.  They know their response is correct!  They researched all possibilities the year before, and conclusively pinpointed the correct answer.  Common Core did no such research.  It’s answers are incorrect.

How can that be?  Well if taught by a professor of Harvard for example, one learns to use one’s brain and think.  One learns more than the curriculum which is taught.  But if the test is made up by someone who just graduated from Inner City Borro Community College, and now a corporate shill, he Googles the question, and writes down the first answer he sees….  Very large room for error.

The test grader, grades to the test strictly to an answer guide, without even knowing the questions, putting students in the unfortunate position of being more knowledgeable than those adults making the tests….

Let’s refresh what Common Core does.  It finds the common denominator in all people and reinforces the lowest elements.   If you have two different people, two lovely human beings, Common Core tries to find what is common between the two, and reinforce only that single element..  For example if one person was  represented by 50/100ths and another by 36/72nds, what Common Core does is find a common denominator (2) and reduce those students to 1/2 + 1/2… totally ignoring all the other 49ths or 35ths of their abilities…

The promoters of Common Core, like David Coleman, Jack Markell, and Mark Murphy, all think this is good….

David Coleman: who was this week at Jack markell’s side says this:  “The People who are against Common Core, say it doesn’t express what you think, or what you feel…  Well, in the real fuckin’ world, NO ONE GIVES A FUCK WHAT YOU THINK OR FEEL!!!”

(David Colemen is the founder of Common Core.  Since he first wrote it down on a napkin, he is thereby been given the credit.)

Common Core is going to teach you how to believe your bosses, never step out of line, always do their bidding, and never, never, ever, question any corporate officer’s authority, especially how low he wants to pay you……

The Common Core State Standards will diminish student learning in high school English classes and will inhibit good teaching.  How?

The authors of the standards herald the fact that they will require all students to read super difficult literature. The truth is that assigning student to read books beyond their ability, rather than putting time and effort into developing the students’ skills and fostering their interest, will make them use the Internet to locate summaries and analyses of those books instead of reading them.

True story:  Parent to Student:  just go on the Internet and Google a synopsis, pick one passage of text, and find something to defend or argue it, and lead the discussion tomorrow in class on that topic.  That’s how I got through college.  No one reads that crap.  Education is supposed to teach you how to cheat.  That’s how everyone really gets ahead… 

Common Crap does not address how to motivate students to actually sit and read a book, engage with its ideas and questions, and actively respond to those ideas and questions.

Not only will Common Crap destroy good reading, it will also destroy good writing.  All student writing must now fit into a prescribed formula for an argument that is both impersonal, and spoken with an objective voice.  Missing are inductive reasoning. narrative thinking. Both once great facets of the English language, which like cursive writing, will not be taught.  Timed, in-class writing is valued over that of the deep thinking required of multiple revisions.

ELA Common Crap standards were :

Not supported by the National Council of Teachers of English

Not supported by NCTE, the premier certification body of public education.

Not supported by those “other countries” of whom we are supposed to be so far behind, and who are the reason we must follow this single path that will make tremendous amounts of money for just one or two individuals…  Those successful educational systems still do what we did before Common Core, not what Common Core proposes….

Common Crap cannot improve education .  Period.  Nor is it meant to.  It is beginning to appear that it is meant only to improve the bottom lines of a handful of companies with deep enough pockets to buy out legislators like David Sokola, Greg Lavelle, and Earl Jacques….. to name a few.  You can fill in the  blanks with the names of others…..

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