Frederica Jenner will be powerless;  it will be up to rank and file teachers to respond accordingly.


Delaware’s teachers were rated  highly effective.

Rhode Island teachers were rated highly effective.

Tennessee’s teachers were rated highly effective….

In each of these cases the School Superintendents all blamed the evaluators for not giving them the harsh results they needed in order to prove that current educational system is failing.   (The premise being that if the old educational system was failing, then the new one they were bringing in, would be seen less negatively….)

But in all cases, every single state that under Common Core now has to rate their teachers, the teachers came out looking great….

  • Tennessee had one half of one percent who were ineffective. 0.05%
  • Rhode Island had 1.4% who were ineffective.
  • Delaware had 1% who were ineffective….

Now let us go to highly effective:

  • Tennessee had 39.1% rated the highest possible.
  • Rhode Island had 39.2% rated the highest possible.
  • Delaware  (which supposedly had to pass SB51 to improve teacher quality), had over 50%…

All these “Chiefs” had the same knee jerk reaction…  We have to bludgeon our evaluators until they succumb to our pressure and rate teachers we want fired below normal….

Kevin Huffman- Tennessee — “The state should continue to train evaluators to use the rubric holistically and should provide professional development to ensure that teachers and evaluators understand that the rubric should not be viewed as a checklist.”

Tennessee’s solution: “All summer trainings are structured around a series of core beliefs and trainers are working to emphasize key areas. Trainers are focused on the message that the rubric should not be treated like a checklist, but rather should be scored holistically.” Translates into “Hammer the Evaluators”

Deborah Gist- Rhode Island —Districts must ensure that evaluators are properly trained to observe practice and provide quality feedback, approve and score Student Learning Objectives, and analyze and use evaluation data. Just as important, districts must ensure that educators are fully apprised of the system, the components  relevant to their role, and their responsibilities throughout the year.

Rhode Island’s solution –-Starting in the 2013-14 school year, districts need to supplement state-level training and support for educators and evaluators based on their specific needs. One promising area to improve the implementation of evaluations is to capitalize on educators’ increased comfort with the SLO (Student Learning Objectives) process by conducting ongoing SLO approval and scoring calibration exercises….

Mark Murphy — State officials say that shows school leaders aren’t making the tough evaluations needed to give honest feedback and weed out low-performing teachers.

Delaware’s solution: We need to ensure that school leaders implement the system well, so that our overall results reflect the reality of… only one in five of our students is graduating high school ready for their next step…

And that is why next year teachers who are happy with this year’s results, are going to be slaughtered…. like babies in front of a machine gun.

In other words, the results did not go the way the Chief’s wanted.  Therefore they are going to either indoctrinate or fire the evaluators, and replace them with ones who will do the dirty work entailed.

If you happen to be an evaluator who “needs” your job… what are you going to do?

Now, here is what needs to happen.

The DSEA needs to replace Frederica Jenner with someone who speaks up for the teachers and is not cowed by Governor Markell, Secretary Murphy, Rodel..

I nominate Mike Matthews. As one of the finest forms of human existence, a former blogger, he has no qualms with doing just that.

Imagine the difference our nation’s future would have in this case?  Instead of teachers being fired quietly in the dark of night, and everyone the next morning wondering what happened to them,  all Delaware teachers, including charter,  go on strike drawing international attention on this power grab over education.

These School Chiefs’ contention goes against human nature. No one rates people higher than they are. Everyone rates people lower than they actually are.  Since when has your boss ever given you a personal evaluation which rates one higher than one is, unless knee pads also came with it?  Never.  If these teachers were rated highly effective or effective, it is because by all standards used to rate them… that is what they are….

Tennessee dissolved its teachers union after these results.  It is now illegal to organize teachers in Tennessee….

Teachers, while you are being highly effective teachers in your classrooms, your protector is in bed with the enemy, texting you all the while that all is fine…

Their own words speak otherwise….