If any of these are new to you, click and read the links.  Your eyeballs will fall out of their sockets.

Education policies based on standardization and uniformity tend to fail.

Policies based on distrust of teachers tend to fail. 

Judging teachers’ performance by students’ test scores is both substantively and procedurally flawed.

Fails to take into account Campbell’s Law, one of the best-known maxims in the literature on organizational behavior: if you impose external quantitative measurements to judge work performance that cannot be easily and clearly measured, all you will achieve is a displacement of goals 

More people are realizing that many of the organizations involved in “corporate reform” seem to need reforming themselves.

Those in charge of reforms are more interested in reforming their own bank accounts than our student’s education.

People wonder why reformers themselves aren’t held accountable.

Every pilot project has the chance to succeed or fail.  All of us in charge of anything in our lives know that one has to take some risk and explore new venues.  However, it is the dictator who upon finding that the process he planned does not work for anyone else but himself, … insists on doubling down and making things worse.  The crafty executives pull the plug and walk away with tons of respect for doing what was right.

So the outcome is certain.  Parents, students, teachers, and principals will prevail. The question now is how long will it take, and how many children will be done in by  the collateral damage.