The Charter School movement was started as a get rich quick scheme.  “It is easy money” was its pitch to investors. “Simple. You get a building. Call it a Charter School,  Blame the Public schools as failures, And they will come….” Once you get the money, you run the school into the ground, and keep the cash….

It worked.

As any scheme works; it thrives on the fears of people who jump to one’s suggestion because they don’t have time to do the research.

Those who do the research. all come up to the exact same conclusion… Charter Schools are a scheme.

In Delaware we have Charter Schools doing the same.  We have 3 in the category of  “recently closed or are in danger to close”.  Just the rents of these three schools approach $6 million a year… Just in Delaware, over 5 years, that amounts to a total of $30 million dollars is $3.3 million more than Mumford and Miller received to complete the 202 and I95 interchange over 3 years!

And what did we get for all that money?

Kids being rematriculated back into the public schools from which they came.

That is just in the second smallest state….  It is time to wake up and realize that Charter Schools are nothing but a scheme to siphon your money away from hard working public schools, and put it into the pockets of those few with unused property for rent…

If one is looking for confirmation of this scheme, just talk to Mike Ramone.

Here is what goes on in Delaware, and elsewhere.

  • Charter operators using public funds illegally for personal gain;
  • School revenue used to illegally support other charter operator businesses;
  • Mismanagement that puts children in actual or potential danger;
  • Charters illegally requesting public dollars for services not provided;
  • Charter operators illegally inflating enrollment to boost revenues; and,
  • Charter operators mismanaging public funds and schools.

We need a state auditor who will hold Charter Schools to the highest standards of accountability.