This is hard on families.  It should not have to be done… But watch this video in full and it mirrors my experience of having to re-interpret Common Core to one’s kids…

Two sub-groups.  One in school with Common Core, one outside of school without Common Core. One subject: math.  Now compare… The common Core group is failing and has 70% of all students not meeting the standard.  The home schooled network, is teaching math at three grade levels above where its children were in public schools….

Is the problem Common Core? Or are outside influences ( genetics ) also involved?

Well these students were A students… who dropped down to failing under a Common Core curriculum, then rose 3 grade levels once outside of Common Core.

The newscaster and anchor are factually literate.  The video is a joy to watch…

As a side show, being a local TV news station it really shows so well the duplicity of school officials finding themselves being on a tight chain in having to promote something they so obviously think is harmful and nothing but junk…  Closely watch the school principal as he struggles with a question, then get “jerked” by his Common Core handler off screen….

See this, you understand why parents are so gung-ho on removing this most ridiculous piece of education nonsense ever offered to our children… and there have been a lot of educational nonsense offered to our children, going back even before No Child Left Behind…

Common Core is the most false, and ridiculous, and unbelievable pap thrown at children so far…. .