One of the most frustrating tactics of education reformers, is their throwing out opinions as facts without backing them up. Usually they cite a study, that was paid for by them, and twist the results…

For example. one such study derided Delaware SAT Scores relative to other states… Delaware was ranked 44th out of 50 some educational reformer huffed…

However Delaware tests 72% of its students on the SAT. Delaware’s averages are Reading 496 Math 497 Writing 486

Minnesota which makes us look bad, has these averages…. Reading 603 Math 596 Writing 577. Minnesota tests 9% of their students on the SAT. Delaware tests 72%… The average scores of our top ten percent, to match the top ten percent of Minnesota, are Reading 578 Math 589 Writing 571.

Notice. Compared to what is considered the best taught state, Minnesota, we are not that far behind when we compare our top 10% with their top 9%. We are down 25 points in reading, 7 points in math, 6 points in writing.

That is all. Certainly not enough to scuttle our public school system with Common Core Charters and turn Delaware into Philadelphia’s educational wasteland.