From an investment report we can glean the immensity of money being culled from state tax dollars, as well as local districts making up the states’ shortfalls….  From an investment report, we can now see the reason behind the ferocity of attacks that the business world, such as the Delaware Chamber of Commerce, makes on everyday normal American parents and teachers who understand the inadequates of Common Core…..

Did you know the scope?  Gleaned from this business report….. 

  • 37 percent growth in the testing portion of the “instructional support” market segment,,,
  • $2.2 billion in revenues were what ed-tech companies generated during the 2011-12 school year from various aspects of digital testing…
  • Only the professional-development category joined assessments in expanding.
  • The other portions of the market experienced decided downturns. The learning-management-system category declined by more than 50 percent…
  • Sales of productivity tools and K-12 extensions were also down.
  • Overall $3.9 billion K-12 testing market in the United States.
  • The market itself is expected to grow 4 percent to 5 percent a year ..
  • The market is going to have more and more need for high-quality assessment as we move into the common core…

None of this market would be in existence today if we accepted the premise that our standards were good enough already… (Which they are, according to the PISA test broken down by poverty levels).  This market was created entirely by creating Common Core.

Just remember this when parents and teachers are saying Common Core is bogus and disruptive of children’s education, exactly why their voices get shuffled aside and drowned out by those in the pay of a $3.9 Billion industry….   Why yes… the DCAS worked fine.  But no….  we must now have a more expensive Smarter Balanced Assessment…..

Just wanted to show you why your children were being screwed over……