Set them down and tell them…

I love you so much and there is more to you than just being a good employee for Microsoft.  Or Exxon-Mobile.  Or Black-Rock.  Or Prudential.  Or Google.  Or Coca-Cola.

There is more to life than obeying your boss and doing everything they ask of you to make them richer.  There is more to life than listening to giant corporate America.

There is more to being Google’s best employee.  Like perhaps…, coming up with a brand new idea that puts Google out of business? That makes a better cola than Coke?  That makes a better snack than Hostess Twinkies… That makes a software platform that makes Windows 8 as outdated as XP….

There is more to you… Explore your curiosity.  Learn what you think is fun.  Explore the possibilities.  Don’t worry too much about failure… Live your dreams…   And never, never, listen to Corporate America….

And don’t worry too much if you get a low test score on a bull sh*t test, made by a bull sh*t company, hired by a bull sh*t politician who received a bull sh*t payment to sell your parents a huge pile of bull sh*t…

You are way more important than any of that ….