Two teachers surveys hit this weekend relating to how prepared they are on Common Core…. One was led by the  National Center for Literacy Education a group of organizations devoted to  whole school literacy operations, and the other by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  As expected there are differences…

Teachers are concerned about how Common Core will impact students.  The difference is in how difference, two  different teacher’s surveys  think so.

The two surveys will be listed for the rest of this post, as NCLE and as BM Gates.

Number of teachers asked per study:

3300 NCLE;  22,000 BM Gates

Percent of teachers NOT involved with any planning for their students Common Core...

37%  NCLE;  25% BM Gates

Percent of teachers who felt they were well prepared to roll out Common Core

44%  NCLE;   75%  BM Gates.

Percent of teachers saying finding time to meet challenges is their most frustrating aspect

50% NCLE;  50% BM Gates

Percent of teachers worried about not being prepared to teach Common Core to struggling students.

80%  NCLE;  30% BM Gates

On a very troubling trend, the NCLE data show that over the last year teachers have become even more isolated from each other’s professional expertise, even as they are being asked to undertake the large, complicated task of CCSS implementation.

Honey I Shrunk The Planning Time

Courtesy of the NCLE

Furthermore only 17% of teachers were highly involved in Common Core planning….

Teachers Blocked Out of Common Core

Courtesy of the NCLE

The lack of peer groups of teachers working together, combined with time restraints, is damaging the effectiveness of Common Core Rollouts…

Teachers Need Collaboration

Courtesy of the NCLE

It appears that Common Core’s effectiveness  is doomed.