The increasingly ubiquitous flow of data across education has caused anxiety among parents and privacy advocates, who fear that information about students will be released or shared with outside entities without permission.

A parody was done on that topic here rather recently

As if to rebuff that post, minutes later the educational consultant company known here in these parts as Governor Jack Markell’s former employer, released this report which states that not mining student and other proprietary data, will prevent the economy from growing by the amount of  $3 Trillion a year….

In otherwords, if your privacy through your kids is allowed to be mined, as is the iron ore of Hibbing, Minnesota,  the economy is able to grow by another $3 trillion dollars….

Your kids mean little, apparently.  Big investor’s money is the only thing that matters here…  Don’t take my word for it… See what Jack Markell’s former employer says about it themselves….

Does any one else notice the disconnect?   As if we weren’t talking about children… but about cows, or chickens, or natural gas, or shale oil, or chemicals, or GMO produce….

I know Jack is touring the world and all to find business opportunities for Delaware, but do we really need to pimp our children just to keep up with Thailand?

“Open data can become an instrument for breaking down information gaps across industries, allowing companies to share benchmarks and spread best practices that raise productivity. Blended with proprietary data sets, it can propel innovation and help organizations replace traditional and intuitive decision-making approaches with data-driven ones.”

Mining Private Data

Courtesy of McKinsey and Co.

Between .89 and 1.2 Trillion is estimated to be the payoff IF enough politicians can be bought off to let your children be mined to become the future property of the world’s largest international corporations…

Is this the America you were taught to love and respect?

It’s the America you got, or will get, if this trend continues unabated. You are the only thing stopping it….