Everyone is tired, myself included, so briefly here it goes….

A)  We learned we are right.  You say “How?  We lost”.  Yes for now, but we now erase the doubt we might have had that we couldn’t make any difference. We did. We did not lose 21 to 0 as we did in the Senate on SB 51. We gained 6 converts in the House since SB 51 passed there   There is  far more fired up opposition than before… Here is what is important. Everyone… whether its been on blogs, through emails, or one on ones, whom we’ve engaged has come around to our way of thinking.   The other side knows this. That’s the reason for the rush, That’s the reason for the secrecy. That’s the reason there was no debate on any education bill, until we parents pushed it!..  Bottom line is we are gaining numbers; they are losing numbers.  Something of which we should all be extremely proud!

B) This is a child-led reform… The protagonists are the children who need us to proxy for them.  The antagonists are wealthy, well connected businesspeople who control the playing field, who have many minions in their power, and who want to muscle into a lucrative piece of property belonging to those children. This battle is and will be, between children and business men.  Everything else is distraction.  If you choose to be pro business; you will be anti child.

C. They control the castle.. Some day we will have to storm that castle, but we have everything outside its walls to draw from.   Our first step is to build an army.  A really big army. We’ve been introspective in this battle up to now.  Now is the time to reach out.  They are stuck in the castle, we have the entire world.   When those inside finally look out, as see the massive army arrayed against them, then they will understand what we were trying to say.  It’s the only way.

D.  It is obvious they have no clue of what they did.   Even Jacques could not explain the bill effectively. Even Jacques had to install Amendment 3 which is longer in length than most full bills passed in either chamber. They know they are in trouble….  “Their bottle of Doctor’s greul ain’t no Coca-Cola.  Very good legislators think they are supporting progress against the “naysayers” on the outside…  They simply don’t know.  What we did too much of was preach to the choir.  It is time to go out and evangelize.

5.  They are wounded.  Now is not the time to rest up.  Now is the time to press the fight when they are licking their wounds…

Forward…  all… we are moving at a forced march to press the fight on them.  Kids everywhere are counting on us; we cannot let them down.

yawn… it was a long day..