The Delaware Department of Education said there have been plenty of open meetings regarding Common Core.

There may have been.. However when only one side is given notice of a meeting and only one side shows up, that is not an open meeting.

The Sokola meeting last Tuesday at Troop 2 in Bear had less than 24 hours of public notice.   Proper notice would have been two weeks. Less than 24 hours were given for the Senate Committee, the House Committee, the House Floor vote, and the Senate Floor vote.  The bill was introduced on 4/24.  Four days later, 5/2 it was voted out of committee. The same day, hours later, it was voted out of the Senate!  That was  the first chance the public had to view it. After only one legislative session day in between, it was voted out of House Committee! After only three days of session later, it received its last public appearance in the full Senate at the beginning of the fourth day.

Therefore the “appearance” is that this is being pushed through stealthly.   Stealth by definition is not out in the open.  From start to finish, SB51, one of the most damaging and monumental game changers in public education of the century, became law in  10 legislative session days…  Ten days.  The public only knew of it for just four of those days.

The first real hearing on Common Core across the entire state of Delaware took place  yesterday in Sussex County. Hat’s off to the 9/12 patriots for making it happen.  They organized quickly (under 24 hours) and responded as good citizens should. I’m so proud of them for drawing a line in the sand….

There is severe and gigantic opposition to this bill.  They are a homologous group called “parents”  They consist of Tea Partiers; they are progressive; they are Democrats; they are Republican; they are farmers; they are executives.  They are those who vote.  They are,… everyone who has children in public schools.  In Delaware, there has never been a debate between the two opposing forces on these issues.  That is wrong.  Very wrong! That is what we heard when we were little children that the Communists did in the Soviet Union and in China.

Every parent of every child who has seen the materials in these packets, who has looked at the homework their child brings home, will be aghast.  This Common Core program will devastate the current educational structure across America… It will shatter it into broken pieces.  It is that bad.

The first debate occurred yesterday.  So to characterize implementing Common Core as an open process, stretches the truth almost within lying range.  More debates will come.   All Delawarean citizens need to call their legislators and ask, them…” How could you!  You could YOU!  We trust you to do WHAT IS RIGHT!  And you failed us… YOU FAILED US!……”