Over the weekend, In a consortium of teachers from three states, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania  (sorry jersey, will get you in next time,)  the following consensus developed.

Teachers accepted the reality that  they have no choice but to deal with the mandates of Common Core, and so most are devoting a majority of their focus on how to augment, and slip in the old school type of teaching to cover those important things that Common Core neglects…

Someone likened it to surreptitiously  building relationships in the corporate world, despite every attempt by the corporation, to impede it.

So based on the passion of these teachers, that is what will be happening.  If your child seems to be learning, it is because their teachers are only paying “lip service” to common core, and teaching the way they were instructed by their top notch teaching instructors.

One participant summed it up nicely.

“We can’t just abandon our kids because of all this crap.”

It became obvious that organizing teachers during the school year to fight and argue against Common Core, would divert their attention away from what is most important.  Our children.

It will have to become a fight of parents against The Corporations if we are going to continue the past 5 decades of real growth in our educational scores, a direct result of our public school systems.