If one pages down several stories below one sees a video of an angry mom giving here two cents worth of Common Core…. She gives out a question to the local board to whom she is making her statement…

If a (school) class counts by 5’s, and ends on the number 90… how many children in class?


If a (school) class counts by 5’s, and ends on the number 90… how many children in class?

Someone on the board… answers… 18!….

“Right” says the mom…  “How did you come up with that answer?”

The person on the board says:   “divided 90 by 5….”

“Right” says the mom.  “Because that answer makes sense… That is the way we were taught…”

“But according to Common Core, if you put that down as why, your child would be wrong…”  On the rubric to score this one it says “no points if child puts down answer, or divides 5 into 90….    Instead, the child is to draw five marks for each student, and at every five put a circle around those five and do that eighteen times until they reach 90…..  All in all,  complete 108 separate steps…”

Common Core states it is against learning multiplication tables.  That is “rote learning” it says.  … So later, when it comes time to divide, do algebra, our kids are left to drawing circles, the only tool which they’ve been given, because they never learned the shortcut of memorizing a multiplication table…

Common Core is supposed to teach how math works… Forget that no one can do it, but sort of like knowing how an airplane flies, as long as they know they can leave it to someone else to take care of… since it is beyond their capacity to draw all the circles of 246 divided by 7…..

Just for a moment, imagine if we taught real world concepts the Common Core Way? ”

Suzie, don’t go near the edge of the cliff, you’ll fall over!”

Now the Common Core Way?  Suzie…  see the sun?  It holds the earth by gravity.  Gravity is the attraction between two objects.  The sun and earth are trying to get together and the earth keeps falling into the sun, but because it is going so fast forward it misses its mark, so that it tries to fall again the next second,, but again it went too fast and so it tries to fall in the second after both of those, but again each time it goes forward, and that is why it goes in a circle around the sun… It is attracted and is always trying to fall into the sun but it also escapes and that is why it never gets burned… It is always falling, falling,  Now every object is attracted to another object the same way the earth and sun are… The earth is so big it’s center is always trying to pull us in… If we weren’t on the solid ground, we’d fall in.  When you let go of a ball or something the earth tries to pull it in, and that is why the ball or whatever you let go, heads straight for the center of the earth… So everything that does not have something under it, goes down… Which is why when you walk on the ground, and come upon the edge of a cliff and keep walking beyond it, when the ground falls away and you step out into the air, the ground is no longer stopping you from going to the center of the earth anymore and you get pulled down towards the center through the air… When something stops you from going further, you stop… and then that new surface becomes just like the ground you were on before.  However, when you fall, you fall faster and faster the further you go.  Since there is a lot of space between the top of the cliff and the bottom of the cliff you will be going very fast when the ground stops you from going to the center of the earth.  You will be going so fast that probably when you hit, it will break you apart… The same way an egg breaks apart because when it falls and hits something hard, that force is stronger than the force holding the egg together, so since when you hit, the force of your hitting the ground at the bottom of the cliff will be stronger than the force that holds you together, so your insides will be torn apart from the ground trying to stop you from going to the center of the earth…. And when you insides get torn apart it hurts really bad… That is why Mommy doesn’t want you to play on the edge of the cliff, Now do you understand?

Susie says “yes” to make her mom shut up, but having no idea of what she was talking about, Susie went over the side of the cliff to find our for herself…..

This is the “philosophy of Common Core” to the tee……  Sometimes you just have to tell kids how things are without reasons behind them.  They are kids.

Too much unnecessary information, and not enough necessary information….

Common Core has, is, and will be dumbing down America … And you thought Amreica’s education couldn’t get worse?