The definition as stated by its inventor … Mike Cohen, Achieve’s president, is this:  “that is the gap between what it takes to earn a high school diploma and what the real world actually expects graduates to know and be able to do”,

I’m sorry. This is absurd. Have we really reached the point where we have to invent a problem by finding the middle ground in something that works, then split it into two parts and work to bring the lower part up to the higher part?….

To me this “expectation gap” is something new. One either graduated high school or didn’t and went on through life based on that choice…. It appears now we have arbitrarily split those high school graduates into two groups. One, those who are B+ and above; and two, those who are B level down through D

But since we can’t create a $400 million curriculum on the idea of effectively lowering grade curves, we invented a curriculum that starts with yelling at kindergarteners for sloppily filling in tiny circles when they can’t even hold a pencil correctly, and smacked it with the name: “college and career ready.”

This program sets the goal to have graduating “D” students rise up to being “B” students, and it has to start in kindergarten, with assessment tests 3 times a year and more each year after that…

The only net difference is that instead of saying you graduated with a C+, you now say you graduated with a 632…. because we are pinning everything to the Common Core tests.

The net total of all we are doing is changing a letter grade to a number and to do so,… it is costing school districts across this nation an extra $16 billion a year on top of what the Federal Government promises and the state punitively takes away….

How about you? This pattern  reminds me so much of junk bonds. Actually that is very appropriate since the impetus of Common Core is being driven by Wall Street.

With junk, opportunists bought the cheap F rated mortgages. They then split those up in five groups and rated their junk A thru F. based on their merits and sold them off. Those F‘s that wouldn’t sell? They then split them up, rated them A thru F then sold them off. Again those left over which did not sell, got split again, and sold…. An entire securities market was created out of mortgages that would never get paid; for in the beginning, all were rated F….

But out of these arbitrary splits a whole industry was created, people got hired, and the bubble swelled, all out of what was once thrown away as  junk.  Eventually at some point in the future, its buyers discovered what it was all along: junk.

“College and Career Ready” is the exact same process now being used to separate what used to be simply either “graduated or didn’t graduate” into multiple distinctions, all requiring excessive investment and in the end, having a result that is still the same, just going by a different name….

So what is the expectation gap?….  As it’s coiner defined, it is the gap between what it takes to earn a high school diploma and what the real world actually expects graduates to know...  “Here Son, you’re graduated!  Run my shop for me, I’m going to take a nap.”

C’mon. Seriously?