Common Core was supposed to be about educating children in a better way. Who could be against that? Do we really expect someone to stand up at a presentation and say, “NO, I OBJECT! I DON’T WANT MY KIDS LEARNING IN A BETTER WAY.”

If one did, and we had a great product, we would welcome such challenges because it would open for us an opportunity to show off the superiority of what we have to offer. I mean to paraphrase Biblically, no man lites a lamp and puts it under a bushel.

For instance if one is promoting Democracy over Soviet Style Communism, do we build walls to keep communists out? Do we block out all their words and propaganda? Do we imprison all those on our street corners preaching communism to the masses? Or do we laugh at them and point out that they have to wait all day in their system for a loaf of bread, whereas we can walk into any store and have a plethora of types to choose…

If we have something good, we flaunt it. We don’t work in secrecy, mistrust, and use the force of intimidation.
The Soviets operated that way, because their philosophy was flawed, and needed additional support to prop it up.

Recently several meetings regarding Common Core have hit You Tube on the Internet. Parents trying to raise concerns are treated as militants and extradited out the door.. “Out the door you two pixies go… ” That they were handled Soviet style, makes one wonder immediately what the supporters of Common Core were so afraid of? Why so fearful of  one parent’s question.  Are they worried that the truth regarding the ineffectiveness of Common Core could be espoused? Would the whole Common Core bubble burst, if the wrong question requiring a truthful answer were ever to get asked?

Yes, it would. And like Soviet Style Communism, we must ask, why are we imposing this upon our kids?  Would we impose Soviet Militarism upon children? We seem to be with common core, based on the reactions of our former Chief of Education, Lillian Lowery, currently the head of Maryland’s education.

How could “teaching children better”, degrade to throwing out and charging with a criminal record, parents who “dare” question authority and ask as most of us alread have, “what is good about common core?”

Because… just like communism. there is something very, very bad about common core. They don’t want you to know the truth.

The truth that there is nothing wrong with our children’s education today. Overall, American education is the best in the world.
The truth that Common Core lowers college ready standards all the way down to community college entrance levels.
The truth that Common Core destroys kids desire to learn, by forcing them to study material 5 grades above their level.
The truth that Common Core is a mix-mash of educational gobbledygook, that really does nothing new.
The truth that Common Core does not cover Literature.
The truth that Common Core tests cannot be passed by most adults, even those tests at 5th grade level.
The truth that Common Core has netted American corporations almost 50 billion so far.
The truth that Common Core failed 70 percent of New York’s children, who all did fine the year before. accepted by colleges nationwide.
The truth that Common Core must be taught, and no one has the right, even home-schoolers to opt out.
The truth that Common Core lowered Delaware’s last year test scores, instead of raising them.
The truth that Common Core is all about making money, and has no interest in how it affects our kids.

And to think that all this, came from a simple idea that every child should have a core of knowledge, that was common to all Americans so no matter where you came from, you all had a core of knowledge in English and math, that was the same…

What we got, is something that makes corporations wealthy, and hurts kids. Imagine Common Core telling your kid they are a failure to society at age 8, when that little kid did better on their test than you could have!

Divorce yourself from the platitudes, theories, and ideas behind common core. After all, Communism in “idea” form sounded deceivingly great too. Instead look at the product you will be given. Ask to see the tests. Ask to see the instructional materials. if you don’t understand what you are seeing, ask those proposing it to explain it to you. Ask Lillian Lowery and the Mark Murphy’s to answer those test questions that stumped you. See if they read the answer guide before attending the meeting, lol.

If this is your first time and you are wondering about what all the fuss over Common Core is about, I apologize for not covering it extensively herein. I have elsewhere uncovered a lot stuff regarding Common Core that they attempted to keep hidden. Feel free to browse in the topics below.

But it would be very wise for you, if every time you attend a hearing on Common Core or education in general, to wonder at who poisoned the water hole. Proponents of Common Core always offer witnesses, paid actors who all stand up and say this new program will be great. When you ask them how it will be great, they are stunned. They don’t know.

That is a problem. So ask, who poisoned the water hole. And in doing so, remember finding out who will make little difference to you, if you ever drink the water…..