In Minnesota, Governor Dayton just vetoed his state grant for the organization “Teach For America”…   It brings to question why we would have one as well?

His reasoning:

Teach for America (TFA) is a well-established, national program with revenues totaling $270 million for fiscal year 2011 (its most recent annual report). With total expenses of 219 million, TFA’s net assets increased by over $50 million and now total over 350 million. With those financial resources available, it is not clear why a 1.5 million grant from the State of Minnesota is required to continue or expand the organization’s work here.

The same question arises in Delaware….

Teach For America is a private concern that picks out recent junior college graduates to give them a 5 week’s indoctrination, then puts them into our worst inner city schools, thinking being smart is better than being trained or having experience.

The Minnesota Governor continues:

To my knowledge ,no competitive grant program was established; no other applications were  solicited; and no objective review was made by an independent panel of experts. Instead,the funds were inserted into the Senate’s Higher Education bill, directed to this organization,and retained in the Conference Committee’s  report.

Every member of the JFC should read this letter…. 

And while on the topic of Teach for America, we should be considering revisiting SB51 because we are forcing Delaware Educational Departments to adhere to strict standards yet not Teach For America, which at most, has the sketchiest of standards supporting it…  So how does it help our children in Wilmington, if we make real teaching standards so hard, we have to use Teach for America substitutes to fill in for them?